Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time's a Wastin'!

Good morning. It's a gray day here, but fairly mild, temperature wise. Melinda the weather lady says it's going to rain tonight, and my sinuses will concur with her prediction.

Since I'm home with a whiney...oops, I mean sick...child, I decided to make good use of my time and browse from some brunch recipes. Now, I could, of course, foolishly use my time doing laundry, cleaning house, or doing paperwork, but I'm not made that way. I like to be wise in my time management, and Easter is only 6 weeks away, so it's high time to get some menus made, tablescapes planned and lists prepared. Only 6 weeks, people! It's practically urgent.

So, anyway, in my browsing and surfing, I found a new-to-me site that is packed with breakfast and brunch menus and recipes. I haven't finished exploring it yet, but every recipe or menu that I've read sounds good, simple, not too expensive and easy to make with on-hand items. Check out for your own Easter or Sunday brunch menu. Or, heck, why not a Tuesday brunch. Or Friday. Why wait until Sunday?

As for me and my house, we'll be having our Easter brunch on Saturday before Easter. That way it can be a relaxed and fun affair, with no hurry to get home from church and bake the rolls or hurry off to church for evening services. Stay tuned for more of my 6 week Easter countdown plans. Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home has it all planned for us-doesn't she always?

I found some new sites and blogs that I'll also be sharing in the upcoming days. I love finding new sites that are useful and fun. There's lots of creative folks out there. In the meantime, check out Susan's offerings for Tablescape Tuesday. Pretty stuff all over the web!

I have to go do laundry and clean the house and do paperwork...I've had enough serious work for one morning. Off to do the trivial stuff!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Fever

I have spring fever in the worst of ways. Those of you who know me will likely find this very odd, since I'm a cold weather, fire in the place, snugly socks, hot coffee/tea/latte kind of girl. Yes, I do love the cold weather and winter, but I have to confess...the older I get, the less I like it to linger. I like it to be cold for Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day...then it needs to be warm for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. It's not unusual for us to have snow in March in Arkansas, and I can remember at least one Easter that I had to swap the boys' shorts and polo Easter combos for long sleeved oxfords and khakis because it was too cold for short. So, that's a long way to say that spring could be almost here or it could still be a ways off.

Lynn is not helping any, either. Every day he's got the Farmer's Almanac out, checking out planting dates for our area. He is so eager to get his garden planted that I'm afraid we're going to have a repeat of two years ago. He was eager then too, and we went to the garden store and spent about $100 for plants, seeds, fertilizer, and other gardeny stuff...then just as the little plants were peeping out of the ground-bam, a late freeze. Got it all. So then we went back to the garden store and spent another $125 for more plants, seeds, fertilizer and other garden items. We did have a nice crop of peppers and tomatoes that year, but I believe I could have bought bushels of them from the farmer's market for $225. But, hey-it gave him something to do and kept him off the streets, right?

We actually have several things planned for our spring projects, as usual. We'll see how many of them actually get done. Once again this year, my biggest goal is to get the back yard landscaped and accessorized. I still want to screen in the back porch and add ceiling fans back there, along with opening two doors. I want to transform one of the windows in our bedroom into a door to allow easier access to the bathroom, and then create one from the laundry room, creating easier access to the kitchen for when we're grilling. Also, we have an extra refrigerator in the laundry room, so that would be a great place to stash ice and drinks. I have a lot of other things I want to do on the back porch, and you'll hear all about it as we go along with this project.

I also have visions of a rock or paver patio with a built in fire pit off of the porch. It would be wonderful for our outdoor Halloween party that we host each October.

I have donated use of my flowerbeds in the back yard for Lynn's veggies that need to be separated from others...something he read in the Almanac. I think veggie plants can be pretty too, so I told him he could put some in with my flowers. I am also hoping to put a water feature out there, but am concerned about Elvis bathing in it when we're not looking. Elvis is the dog.

And, I am still not content with my laundry room. I had intentions of gutting it last summer and completely reorganizing it, but just never managed to get it all done. I'm planning on doing that this year while it's still too cold to work outside. I have a vision of a black and cream, well organized area to do laundry and store my craft supplies. We'll see...oh, yeah, ya'll don't know that I have a new washer and dryer. Out of necessity. Merry Christmas to me.

By the way-Saturday's breakfast was a fun time. We only had 12 of us and it was cold and raining, but Lynn had a beautiful fire in the fireplace, we had warm drinks and conversation and lots of fun. Can't wait until next month.

I did get a few pictures, but they'll have to wait. I've got to get ready for (ugh) work right now. Thanks for dropping by...see you soon!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

At Last!!

I'm back in bloggerville! We finally got our computer issues resolved and we're back in business!

I'm so glad to have my computer back, I could honestly just cry. Of course I have tons of things to catch up on, and will be using it to do my real life jobs, so that's the reason we went ahead and bit the bullet and got it fixed. Well, as far as Lynn knows that's why we did it!

I will keep this one short and sweet, but check in regularly to get all caught up on the comings and goings of the clan. We are having our family breakfast tomorrow, so maybe I'll have a few photos from that to show you tomorrow afternoon. Sound good?