Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a working girl...

...and I'm not sure how I feel about that...I really love staying at home, but in this economy, I'm not sure many of us will have that luxury any more. I don't mind working, it's just that I'm so spoiled after being home for so long. But, if you have to work, my job is not bad!

I will be working in the mental health field as a case manager, assigned to a specific school and working with a specific therapist. I'll be able to set my own schedule, and will be paid according to how much I between now and Christmas, I plan to work quite a bit. That should make Christmas a little easier.

Lynn painted a house last week and we're sure more stuff will come up, we just don't know when. That's very scary when you have three kids and a mortgage! Right now he's painting the church, bringing it into the 21st's been pink and blue (mauve and country blue, I believe is the correct terminology) for the past 20+ years. It is now a neutral but pretty off white, my new favorite color to paint everything! That's funny coming from a color loving girl like me!!

I am very excited about the Boo!Bash2! We are just a few weeks away, and plans are in full swing! Unfortunately, Hurricane Gustav took the pumpkins and most of the hay with him when his rains flooded the farm, so someone down river from us has a ton of fall decor, just waiting for them! We are having a yard sale this weekend, and the proceeds from that will be used for the party.

That's about all the exciting news here at the Hamlet. I am so ready for some cool, crisp weather...they are saying maybe next week. We got a little taste of it last week, then BAM-back to upper 80s!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

National Stay at Home Week

Sorry I haven't blogged lately-I've been busy, and I just haven't been in a blogging mood!

For those who've asked, we are doing fine, thanks so much! I could feel all the prayers circling my family, and God answered them in a big way. Thanks so much!!

I'll share job details and all that jazz later, but today I just want a little fluffy post to get back into the swing of things!

So, I'm watching the Arkansas Razorbacks get slaughtered on tv by the Alabama Crimson Tide (roll on out of here, Tide, and leave us alone!), and one of the national commercials talked about "National Stay at Home Week", so I went to the ABC website to check it out. It's actually just a way to get everyone to watch tv next week, September 21-27, for their season premiere week. Ok, that's kind of cheesy, I guess, but the whole concept is actually very nice. So, I'm making plans to make it an all out holiday kind of week. I know there is massive eye rolling out there, so just cut it out. You are not forced to participate. However, you will miss a lot of good times with your own family if you choose not to!

Here are some little ideas I've come up with for a week long celebration:

*On Sunday, refrain from complaining and nagging the children to clean their rooms. Give them a break by taking a nap so that they don't have to hear you fuss at them.

*On Monday, have a little treat for the family when they come home from school or work. I'm thinking my guys would just LOVE to see my nails perfectly manicured!!

*On Tuesday, have their favorite dessert for after dinner. My family is easy to please when it comes to sweets and like a big variety, so I'm thinking we should just narrow it down to my favorite, bread pudding.

*On Wednesday, treat them to the sight of you enjoying your favorite Starbucks offering-mine is Pumpkin Spice Latte, and none of them care for it, so out of consideration for them, I won't get them one!

*On Thursday, let the kids have a fun time cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Teens especially enjoy this activity, although they will often act like they don't. Don't worry, it's just an act and they really LOVE for you to ask them to do it! So, ask often! Let them know how much you love them!!

*On Friday, take the day off and don't worry about housework, laundry or cooking. When they complain about not having any clean underwear, explain that it really doesn't's stay at home week and they aren't going anywhere anyway! Order pizza for dinner, and to include your hubby in the activity, let him pay for it when the pizza guy arrives. Just camp out in the bathroom until hubby pays and the pizza guy leaves. Hubby'll never figure it out and you'll be $25 ahead! That's 5 more Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

*On Saturday, sleep in as late as you'd like. Then let hubby take you out for breakfast. Don't worry about breaking the rules about staying at home...all ABC cares about is that you are there for prime time tv viewing, and you'll be back well before Saturday Night College Football comes on!

I'm liking this Stay at Home Week idea. I'm not sure this is what ABC had in mind, but hey-whatever works!

Let me know what activities you choose!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tablescapeless Tuesday

I forgot to email Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch, so I don't have a tablescape to show you today. Sorry...I've been busy the past few days. Maybe next week, Lord willing!

Without going into all the nitty gritty details, let me just briefly explain what's been happening here at the Hamlet. I do mean briefly-it's not a subject for debate or discussion, it just IS, so I'll just tell you the news and then we'll move on!

Last week my husband was let go from his job. We don't believe the reason he was given is the true reason, but honestly, it doesn't matter. God has and will take good care of us, and has already opened new doors that wouldn't have opened in the old position. Lynn has already gotten a new house to paint for a builder that he's worked for before, with a promise for more to come, and he has his application in several places for another type of job...painting is hard, physical work and his body is starting to complain, so it's probably time to move on...

And, if that isn't proof enough that God is good, I've been offered a full time position that appears to be the stuff that dreams are made of...flexible hours, good pay and still time to be home when the kids are. Can't ask for more than that.

So, big changes are happening at the Hamlet. Good, but different.

Please pray for us.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holiday Grand Plan

This is the official first week of the Holiday Grand Plan. I've mentioned this before-it's a comprehensive plan designed to get your house cleaned and sparkling for the holidays, as well as a holiday prep plan.

I've worked really hard this summer getting the house cleaned, so I'll mostly be working on holiday prep along with my regular routine cleaning chores. But, there are a few planned things that I need to do.

One of them is paint the front porch. This first week is dubbed "Front Porch and List Week", and my intention was to paint the porch and decorate for fall. Well, you know what they say about good intentions-Hurricane Gustav had other ideas! I can't even decorate much for fall inside because my fall decor is stored in the storage shed in the back yard and I'm not going to drag things out in the rain. So...yesterday we sat in the dark, and today I'm playing catch up on laundry and other house cleaning.

The porch is going to get painted...just not on "Porch Week". Sigh. You know this upsets me, but what's a girl gonna do?

But-never fear! The Lists are made!!

What's going on in your world? Leave me a message and let me know!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav Hits!

We have been suffering through the "outer bands" of Gustav here in central Arkansas. We've had over 7 inches of rain in two days and when I got up this morning, an hour late, the power was off. I'm just thankful I woke up when I did! I got everyone up and ready by the time Uncle Michael got here to get them...and they went to school very reluctantly. I'm really not sure why they wanted to stay at home-we had no power, which means no tv, computer, radio, dvd player, lights, stove, hot water or AIR CONDITIONER, while at school they had all of that!

I even got three calls this afternoon cancelling church services tonight-no power there, either! And, it flooded the basement a little..fortunately the staff discovered it in time to deal with it before it got too bad, and they got it resolved without much damage.

Our power came back on about 4:30 pm-just as we had made plans for the evening by gathering up candles, lanterns and flashlights, deciding on a grilled-on-the-back-porch dinner of burgers and fries, and instructing the boys to get homework done while it was still light enough to see...but you know what? Nobody complained!

With predictions of a colder and wetter winter than usual for our area, this might have been a good check up for us..because we live directly across the highway from Wal-Mart and the county hospital, we just always have had good luck with power outages-we are almost alway lit up when others are dark! This makes me realize that I need to get our winter survival kit dusted off and replenished with candles, matches, a flashlight (with batteries this time) and maybe even some canned food...that sounds like a good autumn project!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Today is Tablescape Tuesday, according to Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch. She has a whole long list of pretties to look at today!

This might be a bit unusual tablescape, but it's one of my favorites. It's from my nephew Josh's wedding this past May...Mom and I decorated and cooked for the rehearsal dinner. It was an Italian styled affair, and we served lasagna, spaghetti and salad, the Groom's favorite meal! We also had a brochette appetizer, along with Arnold Palmers for appetizers, and homemade cheesecake for dessert, along with assorted other cakes. It was all so sweet and romantic. The wedding was gorgeous, as were the bridal couple!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Musings

It's Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, and I couldn't be happier! Those of you who know me well know that I am a FALL kind of girl...I don't like hot weather and I don't like to sweat. I don't like bugs or flies or mosquitoes or any of those flying things except maybe fireflies and butterflies...and I sure don't like walking out of the house into sauna conditions of 90% humidity. But I do like nice cool, crisp mornings, warm afternoons and and cool nights. I love pumpkins and pretty fall leaves, I'm a football freak and I just love the smells of woodsmoke in the air, apple cider in the crockpot and a good roast in the oven! Bring on the fall festivities!

But first we have to get through the effects of Hurricane Gustav...heavy rain and winds predicted for Arkansas this week. I hope everyone stays safe and dry. I'm praying for those folks in Louisiana who are predicted to get slammed again.

We have a busy fall coming up. Jonah is determined he's going to play soccer (note to self: get him signed up this week-last chance!!) and we like to attend as many BHS football games as we can. Jacob is a very social being these days and always has things going on, so that keeps us busy as well. You might not know this about me, but I love to entertain, and fall is my favorite time to throw open our home and invite friends and family in.

Here's a small update of September events at the Hamlet:
Sept 8-Big Jewels by Park Lane party here-my Grand Re-Opening event!
Sept 11-Bunco here
Sept 13 -Arkansas vs. Texas football game watch party (details coming soon!)
Sept 20-Monthly Family breakfast

I think that's everything on the calendar for September, but if I think of something else I can squeeze in, you'll be the first to know!!


PS-don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Tablescape Tuesday!!