Friday, February 29, 2008

So Blessed!

I have been so blessed by the Lord this week! My business, which got off to a very slow start, has picked up and taken off! I had a fabulous month in February, and expect March to be equally good or better! I love this stuff!

I am having a big girl birthday lunch on Monday for my BFF Melissa and our other friend Donna. Melissa's birthday is actually Monday, Donna's was last week. It's so fun to get together with them, and I wanted it to be a little more personal than meeting in a resturant. As Rachel Ray says, "anyone can make reservations!" I'm not totally sure what we'll be eating just yet, but I'll post it over on Dinner when I decide. I'm using pink and green as my color scheme.

Can you believe that Easter is only 3 weeks away! How in the world did that happen? I can remember getting a pretty new Easter dress every year, along with gloves, frilly socks and patent leather shoes and purse to match. I was a frou-frou girl, even back then!! I particularly remember a yellow pair of patent leather shoes. They were SO PRETTY!! I loved yellow then and I love it now!! Such a spring color!

I haven't even taken down all of my Valentine's/winter stuff yet, but it's all coming down this weekend, starting today. Then it's bunny time! As I've mentioned before, I've started collecting rabbits-but only certain rabbits!! I like the whimisical, gardeny Frenchy kind. If they look like they are made of concrete, even better! My mom brought me a darling pair of little bunnies the other day. They are very cute, and I'll get a picture of them posted when I post my spring/Easter pictures. I had a jewelry party last night at my friend Corinne's house, and she had the sweetest display on her front porch, with a basket of eggs and a wooden church on an antique table. Very sweet! Then, on her gorgeous antique dining table, she had a precious Peter Rabbit dressed in his tails and topcoat, along with a bowl of blown eggs. Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, Corinne has some fabulous antique furniture in her house, mostly family pieces. And-how cool is this-she has a picture of herself when she was a young girl with COLONAL SANDERS!! The Kentucky Fried Chicken guy-the real guy! Her dad owned the local KFC and she said she met the Colonel several times! I love that!!

Jacob is going on a Destination Unknown trip with the church youth group this weekend. We had planned to go as leaders, but Lynn has to work all weekend. So, it's just the old folks and the munchkins this weekend.

Speaking of the munchkins, Benjie and Jonah are playing baseball this spring! Whoo hoo!!! It'll help fill the void of NO BRAVES' BASEBALL ON TV!! I'm still mad about that. I'll be checking the local listings all the time to try to catch the tribe on other channels since the Atlanta channel no longer will be carrying them. What ARE they thinking???

Donna (the above mentioned birthday girl) is coaching the boys' team. Good luck, sister!! You're going to need it!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

TCB and catching up...again!

I can't believe that it's been almost a week since I promised to show you the cabinet tops! I can't get that stupid camera to work again..I'm thinking the rechargable batteries have been charged about as much as they are going to go! I'll try to remember to pick some up this week and get those pictures posted.

I've been BUSY lately with jewelry shows, momma stuff and the ever present laundry pile. I'm not even going to promise when I'll post again. I never seem to get to it when I say I will, so from now on I'll just say "next time".

We attended our friend Eddie's 50th birthday party today. Melissa, his lovely bride of 18 (almost) years held the party at their church fellowship hall. It was very nice, with a good sized crowd in attendance. Melissa had a slideshow of old pictures going, with Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" playing in the background. Very cool! Happy Birthday, Eddie!

A while back Jonah created a poster to celebrate the 100th day of school. We used all the big chunky beads in my bead box, and here's the result:

Cute, huh?

Benjie and Jonah are going to be playing baseball this spring. My friend Donna has signed up her son, Cody-Jonah's best friend-as well, and Donna has agreed to coach. She's a brave woman! I've explained that B and J don't know squat about baseball, and she assures me that's ok. This is going to be fun! I love baseball and as very happy they are playing!

It's been cold and rainy for three days, and although I never say this, I'm ready for winter to be over. Enough is enough. If we had some snow or some firewood to make a fire I wouldn't mind so much. Lynn did scrounge up enough wood for a fire tonight, but that is absolutely the last of it. I have been cold all day-very not like me! I'm usually hot all the time!

I want to work on the flowerbeds this spring...I have some ideas I want to incorporate. I want to get the back yard landscaped and the porch finally decorated like I want it this year..hopefully we'll be screening it in soon. When we do that, we'll convert a window in our bedroom into a door, leading to the back porch. We love that porch, and I think we'd get so much more use out of it if we made the door. Let's see if we get it done this year! I wanted to do it last year before the Boo!Bash, but it didn't get done. Maybe this year, at least before Boo!Bash2!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's doings...

I finally got my camera to work again, so here's some random pictures from the last week. If you hop over to Dinner at the Hamlet you can see some pictures from breakfast yesterday.

I made this little wreath in about 2 minutes last Monday night while I was waiting on guests. I had the plain evergreen wreath on the door, so I dug out some black satin ribbon and some checked ribbon I had used on the Christmas tree in the kitchen (the white one, remember?) and some red and white heart shaped paper doilies. I just wired the ribbon to the doily, then the doily to the wreath.

Then, I was on a roll, so I added some of the same doilies to the winter tree, making it into a Valentines' tree!

And, I had a few doilies left over, so I stuck them in the berry garland on the mantle, making it Valentiney, too!

Tomorrow I'll show you some pictures of what I'm doing on top of the cabinets-bet you thought I'd forgotten that project, but I haven't!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy Saturdays always make me smile....

I know I'm very weird, but I just love rainy days, especially rainy Saturdays. We had the family breakfast here today, but we were a very small group-Lynn's sisters and his nieces, my mom and of 11 folks! It was extremely laid back and casual. I did the lodge centerpiece and theme that I discussed over at the dinner blog...I'll post pictures over there later this afternoon.

I finished up some paperwork for a jewelry party, got that submitted-by the way, I've now cleared my kit!! That means the next show I do, I'll get a commission check from it!! Whoo hoo! Then I took the boys to the library, and of course we had to run by Sonic and hit happy hour and get 1/2 price Cokes!! It wouldn't be a trip to town without a Sonic Coke!

Now we're all home and cozy, it's raining buckets and we are snuggeled in for the duration! I love rainy Saturdays!!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Friday!

Hello, hello and welcome to the show! So glad it's finally Friday, although the week went so fast it seems funny to say "finally". I find time goes faster, and faster, and faster....does that mean I'm getting old?? Surely not!

The Valentine's goodies were a big hit-the little boys were totally amazed that I got them THE EXACT BOOK they were looking at during book fair! I guess they forgot that I was with them!! Jacob is always happy to get money, and I think Lynn is a little relieved that he won't have to eat ham sandwiches at least a couple of days next week!

I went to Bunco last night at my sweet friend Ann's house. It was wonderful, as always. We have been together since about 1991, we think, the best any of us can remember. We've added and subtracted a few folks here and there, but this current group has been together for several years. They are like sisters to's funny that I only see them collectively once a month, but feel free to tell them anything! Talk about unconditional acceptance...we are a tight group! I miss them when I have a conflict and can't attend. So, to Ann, Kathy, Debbie, Mary, Terri, Phyllis and Glenna-I love you, man!

Michael, my brother, bought a houseboat last spring. It's been on a lake in Louisana until last week, when he and our other brother, Mark and three more brave souls went and fetched it home. Michael has big plans for it-he is planning to basically gut it and redo it. I'm sure it will be wonderful when he completes the project. He has started a blog to chronicle his progress on it. Check it out!

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and restful weekend. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow and Sunday, and we have breakfast here tomorrow morning. Sounds like a laid-back weekend to me!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I had planned to show you some pictures today of my Valentine's decorations-the year round tree dressed up in red heart glory, the cute little wreath on the front door and the mantle. I took the pictures, but for some reason my camera wouldn't come back on so that I could down load them. Oh, well. Maybe I can get it figured out and come back and post it.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I used to hate this holiday until my true love came along. Now I like it ok. It's not my favorite, but it's a good chance to give the boys a little token and a sweet card and for Lynn and I to exchange cards. The boys are getting reading material this year, Lynn a gift card for some lunches! He'll love it. He's been taking his lunch lately and I know he has to be sick of ham sandwiches! He gave me the money to order a piece of Park Lane jewelry, which will serve dual purposes-I get a piece of bling to wear and show, and we get the commission off of it, making it 35% less than it would have been normally! Not a bad deal!

Hope you have a perfectly rosy, pink heart and sparkling kind of day!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's treats

Looking for a cute little goodie to send to the kids' classmates, neighbors or a Sunday School group? Here's an idea that we've used at Christmas and at Valentine's Day.

Just take a small zipper bag or even one of those little cellophane bags they sell in the party supply department of Wal-Mart or the dollar stores, then fill it with this:
*a packet of hot chocolate mix
*a small packet of mini marshmallows (you can buy these individually packaged-they are usually with the other bulk boxes of individiually packaged snacks-or, you could make your own packets using snack size zipper bags)
*individual packets of teddy grahams (same as above)
*an individually sized Hershey's bar
*an inexpensive pair of those "magic gloves"-you know, the ones they sell normally for $1.50 for two pair but right now have two pair for 75 cents or so...try to stock up for next year, as well
*a candy cane for stirring the hot chocolate

Put this all together, tie it all up with a pretty ribbon, and viola! a cold weather survival kit for pennies!!

If that is more than you want to do, for Christmas favors for the boys' classmates we just took a hot chocolate packet and taped a small candy cane to it, then put it in a zipper bag, used a hole punch to make two holes and tied a piece of ribbon through it. Very cute!

Valentine's Day has barely been mentioned around here...I haven't bought anything yet. I'm thinking a movie for the group, their favorite meals and a card, along with a small box of candy.

With Easter coming close on VDay's heels this year, it might get downplayed a bit more than usual. We'll's still 4 whole days away!


Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday!

Here we are again...Friday! Yay!

As we watch the tv news every morning, I become more and more thankful that God spared my town and family from what so many people north of us, where the tornados ripped through, are experiencing. The amount of destruction and devastation is unreal. I can't imagine what in the world it would be like to have everything you own and hold dear taken from you in a matter of seconds. My thoughts and prayers are continually with those folks.

Today is lunch with the hubs and grocery shopping day! Love the lunch, not so much the grocery shopping. We always eat at one of two resturants, depending on where he's working, but it's always Mexican! I look forward to it all week!!

Valentine's Day is looming, and I haven't even decorated my Valentine tree! I plan to get that done today or tonight or tomorrow...just in time to take it down and decorate for Easter! Oh, well, the kids love it!

I haven't made any other plans for Vday, either. I need to get that done today so I don't have to worry about it next week. I don't do a whole lot for the boys, just a little token gift, some candy and a card. Lynn and I may go out to eat next weekend, but who knows what next weekend will bring!

Boy, this is a boring post today! I'm planning on getting some things done in the kitchen and on top of the cabinets today, so hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow! And, pictures of the Vday tree!!

See ya!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Stuff

I am so thankful that our community escaped the devistation that the tornados brought Tuesday night to our state and other states. It is almost surreal, watching it on tv. I can not imagine what those folks are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I am working on a few things this week-getting my business going, cleaning and re-arranging the house, planning the February family breakfast and thinking about Easter lunch. Easter is very early this year, and it's never too early to start planning!! I wasn't sure if we would even host Easter this year, after all, we will have the same bunch over for breakfast the weekend before, but the four men I live with looked at me like I'd grown another head when I suggested not having it. "Not have Easter lunch at our house? Are you serious?" Evidently, I wasn't. We'll be having Easter lunch at our house. Menu to come later, and probably over at Dinner at the Hamlet.

Ditto the menu for breakfast this month...Miller Lodge breakfast!

By the way...if you are curious about my new business as a director for Jewels by Park Lane, check it out! Great stuff, and new stuff coming soon! Call me if you want to get $400 worth of jewelry for $40!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

and....I'm back!!

Although Jonah is still home today with a slight fever, I think everyone in the Miller household is feeling better! Thank the Lord, Lynn hasn't been sick yet...good thing, someone has to make some money around here!

I need to tie up some loose ends, and answer a challenge or two! Here goes!

In response to the tag from Bebe at Peaches`and`Dreams, here's

7 weird things about me:

1. I hate mustard. I don't like it on hamburgers, hot dogs or anything else. I can eat it on a burger or dog if there is something to go with it...a little mayo or ketchup preferably! Yes, I eat mayo on my hot dogs. I told you it was weird!

2. I love to shop alone! I'm all for a big girls' shopping trip with buddies, including my mom, but when it comes to serious shopping-I like to do it by myself!
I shop a lot-but I buy very little! I can spend a whole day just looking, with just enough money in my pocket for a white chocolate mocha and be perfectly happy! Funny thing-when I actually have money to buy things, I never find anything I like. When I'm just browsing...I like everything I find. Go figure!

3. Bad grammer and bad spelling drive me crazy. I like things to be right, and don't mind correcting you when it's not. You feel free to correct me, too!

4. I like to have a clean orderly house...but I hate to clean house. Sigh.

5. I leave my Christmas garlands on my front porch and mail box until February 15. I like the wintery look of it...and it's got snowflakes in it! However, everything has to come down by the middle of February-when I'm ready for spring!

6. I love fall best, spring next, then winter..but I detest summer. I hate to be hot. I love all the summer activities-swimming, water skiing, grilling out, eating on the porch, etc..but I hate to be hot and I hate flies and mosquitos!
7. I learned to water ski when I was 5 years old! I learned to ski on one ski when I was 7! The last time I tried to water ski, I couldn't even get out of the water.

Bonus weird thing-I don't know how to spell the word for "skiing on one ski" and couldn't even get close enough to it for the spell check to figure it out. Oh, well, you know what I mean!

If you are reading this and want to participate-consider yourself tagged!!

In other news...
My good friend Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home has issued a challenge for anyone who wants to participate to write something every day. I need this challenge! Thanks Ginger. By the way...if you haven't seen her site and you like any holiday at all, you should hop over! It's great!

I'm going over to Dinner at the Hamlet to post something there...I have a great recipe you should try for Valentine's Day dessert!

Until next time-