Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Whoo hoo! My first time to be tagged! Bebe over at Peaches and Dreams has tagged me to tell 7 weird things about me-just 7?

Three out of five of us (myself included) are down with flu-like symptoms here, so I'll have to think about this and get back to you. Look for it tomorrow or Saturday...I've about used my reserve of strength today to check email.

This may get interesting.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cathing up..and a good bye!

Wow-it's been almost a week since I've posted, and it's been a busy week! So, let's just take a moment to catch up, shall we?

Cissy, my long time friend and neighbor, lost her sister early Tuesday morning. She had cancer and had been very ill since having surgery in December. Mary Evelyn was a precious, sweet Christian lady and such a devoted sister. I know Cissy is happy for her sister that she is no longer suffering, but she'll be missed. The funeral was held Friday on a cold, miserable, sleet and freezing rain day, with a large number of people in attendance. I think that says a lot about the lady we were there to honor and celebrate. I'm going to miss your sweet, cheery smile, Mary Evelyn! We'll see you again!

Wednesday was church night, as usual, with the usual flurry of hurry up and get there on time...etc. Nothing special going on there. We have to be there at 6 pm and Lynn often doesnt' get home until after 5, so we really have to hustle. But, once we get there, we have the BEST time! Jacob is playing the tamborine during worship time in the youth group, and he is loving it. He's such a good kid, even if he is mine!

Thursday was not too eventful...things just sort of happened as usual. Nice change!

Friday-busy, busy day! I met Lynn for lunch in the sleet and freezing rain...we ate at the new McCallister's Deli. Lynn painted it, but that was the first time we'd been there since it was opened. It looked really different than it did with nothing in there! We ate Reuben's...they weren't the best I've ever had, but they were ok. After lunch I went to the funeral, then picked up the kids. When we got home, Benjie said "I'm not going in the house until I get to go over to Ms. Cissy's and tell her I'm sorry and I love her". So, of course, we did-Benjie, Jonah and me. I have three great kids!

Friday night I attended my across the street neighbor Lynne's (not to be confused with my husband Lynn!) Jewels by Park Lane show, to watch and learn. There was a lady here from Florida who is a vice-president in the company and she was AWESOME!! I learned so much from her, both Friday night and Saturday, when we had an opportunity and training class. Oh, I just can't wait to start this business!! I'll be having my introductory show tomorrow night and I just can't wait!! The jewelry is absolutely top notch designer items. I expect big things from this business!

I will be sharing more exciting things about this opportunity in days to come!!

I will try to be better about seems like my time is getting more and more limited!!

What's up with all of you?

Later! (notice I don't say "til tomorrow" anymore? Don't want to have any unreasonable expectations! LOL!)


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What an honor!

My Dinner at the Hamlet blog has been featured on the front page of my friend Ginger's site, Magical Holiday Home (, including the picture of me from the blog! Thanks Ginger!

Check out Dinner at the Hamlet for an update on the family breakfast last Saturday!

I hope everyone is staying warm. It's been so cold here that we've had a fire in the fireplace every night for several nights. Now we're almost out of wood again. Our whole family used to go to the farm and cut wood by the dump truck load. We'd take hotdogs and chips and cookies and as soon as we got there, we built a huge fire. Then we'd roast the hotdogs for lunch. It was so good. With everyone working, it didn't take all that long to cut, split and load the wood, then everyone shared it. Good times!

I will be hosting my first jewelry show next week-well, the first one in 16 or so years! I am very excited about this opportunity and really hope it goes well. I love jewelry, as everyone who knows me knows, and I love this company. They unconditionally guarantee their products. Gotta love that!

My brothers used to tell me all the time that I didn't have to wear all of my jewelry at one time, and my standard reply was "you do if you want to look this good". I still feel the same way. Now I'm going to get paid for it! What a great country we live in!

Here's a picture of my latest project. It's really hard to see in this picture, but it says "family". I need to get better letters...I have my eye on a big (2" maybe?) set of rubber stamps...I'm thinking they need to live at my house.

Til tomorrow!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally Friday!

I can't believe it's Friday again, but I'm not complaining!!

I didn't get around to posting yesterday--I actually spent some time working on the house and cleaning. It was BAD!

I do have a lot of plans for our laundry room. I want to take everything off the shelves and paint, then put up coat hooks and a bench for a sort of "mudroom" area. If you've ever met my boys, I don't even have to explain why I need a mudroom. Right now I have a "mud house". They track in, never even considering the fact that their boots are covered with mud, red sand and other unsavory things. I just think if I had a designated area for them to leave their shoes, it would be so much better. I guess we'll see.

I refuse to post "before" pictures of the laundry room, but I'll share "afters" if I ever get an "after" moment!

On other subjects...

Tomorrow is the monthly family breakfast. For those of you not familiar with this, Lynn and I host both sides of our family each month for breakfast. I've posted the menu for tomorrow on Dinner at the Blog. It's been a big success, in my opinion. I really love doing this, and hope we always can. If everyone ever shows up (not really all that likely, due to work and school schedules and kids' activities) we'll have about 30 people here. We average 20 or so. It takes a lot of bacon to feed this bunch!!

I'll be starting a new business in the next week or so. I'm going to be a fashion consultant with Jewels by Park Lane. It's a home based party plan, and I sold for this great company several years least 16, because it was before Jacob was born. In fact, I did a show while having contractions with him! I am very excited about this...the jewelry is wonderful, the prices are good and the opportunities are endless. You'll be hearing more about this!!

The kids are out of school on Monday, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day! Whoo hoo!

Til tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Cindy over at Romantic Home ( has a wonderful summary of her 2007 projects, with pictures and everything. I don't have a good summary of completed projects...I just start them and seem to never finish them. So, as a belated 2008 New Year's Goal (I don't care for the term "resolution"), I've decided to compile a list of things I want to accomplish in the house and yard, then chronicle each one as I complete it, along with pictures. I expect each one of you to hold me accountable, requesting updates and pictures if I get lazy and don't get them posted. OK? OK. Here's the tentative list. It could change, but here's a start!

1. Kitchen project. This is a multi-layered project. I have a TON of things I want to do, but I'll start with the easy stuff that I can do cheaply and on my own. Some things will require help from the man of the house, and will depend on his work schedule and the current cash flow!
A. Re-merchandise the top of the cabinets. I need to take all the current things down and re-do it in a cleaner, more focused way. I want to use black and white fabric up there-I have two patterns of black and white check, will try to pick up some ticking as soon as I can and then have at it. I know how I want it to look in my can I make it look like that on my cabinets? We'll see. I want to have this project completed within a couple of weeks, but it may take longer to find JUST THE RIGHT PIECES!! Here's some "before" pictures of the cabinets.

B. Paint the kitchen table and chairs white and put-gasp-chair cushions on them in a black and white check. Those of you who know me know that I don't like kitchen chair cushions as a rule, but I think it would look so good with the white table and chairs!

C. Paint the "chicken coop" white and get the stupid chicken wire in the doors. We bought the cabinet LAST SPRING at a yard sale for $10 and actually bought the wire at the same time...but it's still in the laundry the corner...all rolled up and waiting for someone to put it in the empty doors of the cabinet...I did get the crystal knobs put on it! Do I get credit for that? OK, ok, I'll get this one done asap! Here's how it looks right now, with the Dept. 56 Snow Village still in it...I usually leave the village up until Valentine's Day, but I believe that after the family breakfast (details on that coming up on Dinner at the Hamlet) on Saturday I'll take it down. I have enjoyed it though, and Braylen gets a real kick out of it!

D. Paint the bar stools and pad the seats with coordinating fabric.

If you're thinking these stools look shabby, you're absolutely correct. I bought them at Fred's for $20 each NINE YEARS AGO with the intention of using them until we could afford nice ones with backs...sigh. Maybe this year????? In the mean time, they'll look better painted and padded.

Ok, that's a lot for now. Tomorrow...we'll address the laundry room project!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's me again!

Janet over at is having a give away for a really cool sounding book in honor of her birthday AND her 50th post! Jump over and visit-it's a nice place to hang out!

I'm sorry I never can get the link posted correctly...I always do what they say-or at least I think I do...but it never comes up correctly. Oh, well, Janet's blog is worth copying and pasting! Enjoy!!

Monday, Monday...

Well, here it is Monday morning again! How did that happen? It was just Friday afternoon, with a whole, glorious empty weekend ahead-or was it? We never have empty weekends around here! For once, Lynn didn't have to work, so I found some stuff for him to do! Can you believe it?? I know he felt so lucky to be married to such a resourceful woman!

As I've mentioned, we cleared and cleaned the boys' room, and what a difference that made! I won't go into all that again, but just let me say it still looks great, two whole days later!! Whoo hoo!

I'm posting a picture of my gussied up banner. It is absolutely amazing what a little bit of glue and glitter and fooffie pipe cleaners can do for something! Here's a picture of the whole thing...again, not a great picture. I can't seem to get close enough to make a clear picture.

And here's a close up of the "H":


I have another project in mind that I want to work on today, if I get around to it. I'll get some pictures of it as soon as it's done!

Until tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It was a good day!

We really got a lot accomplished today! We totally cleaned out the little boys' closet and bedroom, repurposed a cabinet and got some order to their clothes and other belongings. They have fresh linens on their beds and a clean room to wake up to. I hope, hope, hope they keep it this way!! I plan to stay a little more on top of it than I have been in the past.

In between all the cleaning and clearing, I managed to get some glitter on my banner! It looks so much better!! I should say that I got the idea from a fellow Arkansas blogger, Jerusalem from My Little Life. ( She actually has a shop in Little Rock, which I intend to visit as soon as I can manage a road trip! I can't wait to see what she has to offer. Her stuff on the web is soo, soo, soo pretty! Plus, she has fun stuff on her blog! Check her out!

I should mention that Bunco went very well Thursday night. We ate, laughed, talked and actually rolled the dice! I ended up with the boobie prize! We really had a good time. I think these 7 women know more about me than some of my family does! We have shared weddings (mine and several of their children), childbirth (mine and several of their children!), deaths (parents, grandparents and close friends), and divorce. It's been a very bittersweet journey, and one that I wouldn't trade for anything! Thanks, girls! You're a fun bunch!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow...I'm too pooped tonight to download them!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday!

Whoo hoo!! It's Friday! This has been a long week. It was the first week back to school, regular work routine for Lynn, regular laundry and housework routine for me, and back to homework! All in all, though, it wasn't a bad week, just seemed kind of long.

We have big plans for the weekend-we're going to clear out the boys' closet, defumigate their room and get some order restored in there. If you don't hear from me by Monday, call someone! I may be buried under a mountain that room!

I redid my mantle yesterday for Bunco last night. I told you I have chosen "Heart" as my 2008 word, and I made a little banner for the mantle reflecting that. It's hard to see, but here's a little picture:

And, here's a close up of one tag.

Sorry it's not a very good picture. I was actually kind of pleased with how it turned out. I do think I'm going to pick up some glitter to jazz it up a bit! I'll try to post some pictures as I get them done!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bunco Night!

Yea!! It's Bunco night, and it's at my house!

For those 20 people in world that hasn't heard of Bunco, it's a fun, fun game that is played mostly by women. It's a dice game, played with three dice. I understand that there are a few different ways to play it, but here's how we do it: We used to play at tables of 4 (there's 8 of us), but now we just tend to gather around one table. We don't have to tell stories twice this way, and everyone can visit while we eat and play. The technical way we play is that we roll the dice, attempting to get three of whatever we are rolling-ones, twos, right up to six. When we play at two tables, we have partners, and the goal is to reach 21 points. When we play at one table, it's every man for herself and we play to 14. I like playing at one table best, so I always set up just one. Sometimes, we don't roll any dice at all until the very end of the evening. We eat, talk and catch up with what's happened since we saw each other last, which, after all, was a whole month ago. Then, someone will inevitably say "Hey, it's 9:00 and we haven't even rolled yet." So, then we get the dice and roll to see who gets the prizes. We "donate" $5 each per month and the hostess is responsible for buying prizes. We give first, second, third, bunco and boobie prizes. The first three are given according to points accumulated. Bunco is given for rolling the most buncos-oh, I should explain that a bunco is awarded when you roll three of the number you are currently rolling-is that confusing? Boobie, of course, is for last place. Even the boobie prize is highly coveted! There are lots more technical rules, but this is how we play, and we've been playing together for over 17 years, so we must know what we're doing!

We are quite the diverse group. We have a college professor/political expert-she's on tv all the time talking about politics! She's our only celebrity of the tv sort. We have two business women-one is a real estate agent, the other owns a tanning salon; three of us are in the medical profession-one works in the business office of a clinic, one is a nurse at Children's Hospital and one works in the heart unit of Children's Hospital. One is a administrative assistant for a big, big company and makes the travel arrangements for everyone in the company. And, then there's me! I am a stay at home mom who frequently talks about getting a job, and sometimes I do, but never for very long. I just like being at home and working on my house.

One of the best things about bunco is the food! We eat well! Hop over to Dinner at the Hamlet to see what we're eating tonight!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bubble Bath Day!

Today is National Bubble Bath Day! Who knew? The good folks at Gooseberry Patch ( send me an email every so often, and one of them had this little tidbit of information in it! It's a good way to celebrate kids going back to school, Becki!

I don't take bubble baths, or baths of any kind. It's not that I don't like them, although to be honest, I really don't care for them. It's not that I don't like the scents of all the great bubble bath products out there-I totally do. I love the idea of the bubble bath-sweet smelling bubbles, warm water, soft music, candlelight, a great book to read. I just don't ever get that all pulled together.

The last time I tried to take a bubble bath, it was not a successful venture. I won't call it a disaster-the tub didn't overfill, the pipes didn't burst, nothing got drenched that shouldn't, nothing like that at all. But, you must remember that I live with men. All men. They are helpless, pitiful creatures, and that manifests itself even more when I go into the bathroom and lock the door. I can just be putting hairspray on my hair, but the minute they hear that door close and lock, they all have needs that rise to the surface and MUST BE ADDRESSED, BY MOM ONLY, IMMEDIATELY!

I had finally figured out how to get comfortable in the tub-we have a "garden tub", which is big, but the way the sides are sloped, not all that conducive to lying back and relaxin. I folded a towel and draped it over the side, which gave me a padding to lie on. I wasted a clean towel, but I figured that since I do the laundry, it's pretty much my business. Anyway, I finally got comfortable and had settled down to read a paperback romance novel-one I picked up at Wal-Mart for $3, not one I'd borrowed from anyone else or a library book. Again, if I dropped it or splashed it or otherwise got it wet, it was mine, right? Again, my business. So, I'm semi relaxed and soaking and just about to turn the first page when the first knock came at the door.

Me: Yes?
Door knocker: It's Benjie
Me: Yes, Benjie? What did you need, sweetie?
Benjie: I was just looking at that magazine that Uncle Mark sent me from Nanny's-you know, the one with all the farm stuff in it? What's it called?
Me: I don't know, B, what about it?
Benjie: I really like it.
Me: Good! Now, please go back to your room and read it. I'm in the bathtub.
Benjie: Why are you in the bathtub? Why don't you just take a shower?
Me: I just decided to take a bath today.
Benjie: OK, but don't use all the hot water. I want to take one when you're done.

Finally, he left and I went back to my reading-I decided to read the last paragraph again, just to remember where I was. Just as I was about to turn the page, someone knocked on the door.

Me: Yes?
Door knocker: It's Jonah
Me: What do you need, Jonah? I'm in the bathtub.
Jonah: Why are you in the bathtub? Why aren't you taking a shower?
Me: (slightly testy) I just decided to take a bath. What do you need?
Jonah: What do I need for what?
Me: Why did you knock on the door?
Jonah: (long pause) I forgot.
Me: ok, go think about it, and when I get out of the tub you can tell me.

Back to that last paragraph. Just about to turn the page...knock #3.

Me: YES?
Door Knocker: Mom, some of my friends are going to the movies tonight, can I go?
Me: Yes, Jacob, if you have the money
Jacob: Well, I have enough money to get in, but I won't have enough for a Dr. Pepper or popcorn. Can you loan me snack money? You can take it out of my allowance.
Me: (thinking-no kidding-your allowance is already in hock until July, but whatever it takes to get rid of you for a few minutes): OK, I'm in the bathtub right now. What time are you going?
Jacob: You're in the bathtub? Why?
Me: ijustthoughti'dtakeabathtoday. What time are you going?
Jacob: I'm not sure. I'll have to check.

Back to the book...knock on the door.
Me: Yes?
Door knocker: Mom, it's me, Jonah
Me: yes, Jonah? What do you need?
Jonah: are you still in the bathtub?
Me: Yes, what do you want?
Jonah: I want you. I just want to be with you.
Me: that's sweet, Jonah, but it's going to have to wait a minute, then I'll be out and we can be together in the living room.
Jonah: Ok, and-oh, yeah-Benjie almost tried to hit me
Benjie-I did not. He was getting my magazine. I had to hit him.
Jonah: (crying) Oh, yeah, he DID hit me!
Benjie: Hey mom?
Me: WHAT??
Benjie: This hay baler in this magazine is just like the toy one I have, you know, the one that I got for Christmas last year, the one that Santa brought, not the little one that I got at Wal-Mart with my birthday money, the big one that I got from Santa. And mom?
Me: (voice muffled from being under the water as I slip down into the water, allowing my head to be submersed) Yes, B?
Benjie: are you still in the tub?
Me: (whimpering now) yes.
Benjie: well, this baler, it's just like the one Uncle Mark burned up last year.
Me: Please, please go away and take you brother with you and stop hitting him.
Benjie: But I have a picture of it, don't you want to see it?
Me: Show it to Dad.
Benjie: OK

Finally, peace. I turn back to my book, and decide to read the whole first page again, because I can't remember any of it. Knock at the door.

Door Knocker: (Lynn's voice) Why are you taking a bath? You usually take a shower.
Me: Check with the boys.
Jacob: Mom, the movie starts in 10 minutes. I can walk but I need that money.
Benjie: Mom, I found a tractor just like the one that Poppa used to have. The red one, not the orange one.
Jonah: Mom, Benjie won't let me look at the tractors, and I want to...(crying and scuffling heard on the other side of the door)
Me: Lynn? Are you still there? Can you take care of that?
Lynn: Come on boys, let's let mom take her bath. I don't know why she didn't just take a shower.
Me: (sitting in a tub of cold water with no bubbles) Me, either.

That's why I don't take baths!

Monday, January 7, 2008

On hold!

I had planned to start my laundry room project today-completely gut the laundry room, taking out everything but the washer and dryer, painting walls and shelves and starting all over. But...I have piles and piles of laundry that has to be done, a filthy dirty house, a kids' room that even they are afraid to go into, and about 2 hours sleep last night. I'm just not up to it. Of course, it'll all still be there tomorrow..or next week.

I have Bunco at my house this week, so I have plenty of "regular" cleaning to do today. I think I'll work this week on getting the laundry done and the house "regular" cleaned, then deal with the big projects next week. Of course, breakfast is next Saturday, so I'll have that deadline looming as well.

I'm not a procrastinator...really and truly I'm not. I just have my priorities!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We have no normal!

The tv weatherman actually said those words tonight on the 10:00 news. It was 78 degrees today. January 6, 78 degrees. Just doesn't go together, does it?

The teen Sunday school class had a party after church tonight. We stayed and spied on Jacob--uh, I mean, helped out with the food and games! The kids divided into teams-boys and against girls-and played Bible Baseball. Each team ended up having an adult helping them. The girls' helper is a great lady who teaches Sunday School and knows a lot. The boys' helper was the preacher. He knows a lot, too! I think the boys won, but it was close.

Here's a funny. One time when Jacob got up, his question was "Who was Jacob's youngest son?" He didn't know the answer (by the way, we didn't either!), but the answer is-here's the funny part-Benjamin! Isn't that hysterical?? I'm not sure why we didn't know that!

Over at the message boards at, Holiday Magic, we've been challenged by a fellow holiday crazy to choose a word to use as our own this year. The premise is that the word is something that helps you get grounded, pull focus back to what you want to accomplish, give you a goal, whatever. My word is "Heart". I want God to be the center of my heart, my family to know they are in my heart and for my physical heart to be healthy. In the weeks to come, you'll be hearing a lot about "heart". I'll have pictures of some of my hearts ( I have a lot, as it turns out!), some crafty ideas for embellishing word art, and some challenges for you, too. Over at Dinner at the Hamlet we'll have some heart healthy recipes thrown in here and there. What word will you choose for your own in 2008?

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I went to Target today to see what they had left in the Christmas aisles. Not much, as it turns out! However, what they did have was marked 90% off. I picked up a $20 6' tree for $2! Now, I'm sure Lynn would tell you that I don't need another Christmas tree, after all we had 12 in our house this year. But for two bucks? If I just put it on the porch next year, it was worth $2! I also picked up some pretty shiny and matte gold balls for 29 cents, some paper napkins for 29 cents each, and a spool of raffia ribbon for 19 cents. I spent less than $4 and got $40 worth of stuff! Not too bad!

Last week, I went when things were 75% off, and found this fabulous rabbit!! I had been to Target several times doing holiday shopping and thought I'd seen everything they had to offer, but I hadn't seen that rabbit! His tag said he was an "outdoor holiday decoration", but now he's an indoor year round decoration! He is made of resin, but looks like concrete. See for yourself how cute he is!

I should mention that Mr. Bunny was originally $15, and I paid $3.24! I love a bargain!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Winter White Pretties!

Maureen over at Penchants, Ponderings and Posies ( is having a winter white giveaway. All she asks is that you tell her about your favorite winter whites. When I first read that, I thought I didn't have much winter white...then i started looking around my's full of winter white! I just call it cream or ivory!! How funny is that? So, check out the list on the side of this site for my favorite winter white items. You should hop over to see Maureen and check out her great blog...very pretty.

There are some amazing blogs out there! Everytime I go to a new one, it seems they have a long list of wonderful sites that I've never seen. I want to compile a new list of my favorite sites, but it'll have to wait until the kids go back to school on Monday. Praise the Lord!!

Stay warm, have some white hot chocolate, and be safe!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One last Christmas picture...or two!

I meant to post this earlier, but maybe you can handle ONE MORE Christmas picture! This was my Christmas Eve table.

And this was the "kids' table"-actually the bar/island!

New Directions

It's a new year, full of promises and ideas. I have a ton of things I want to accomplish this year. I hope I get a few of them actually done.

I want to finally get our bedroom and bathroom decorated the way I see it in my mind. Scary, I know, but it looks so pretty and clean there! I am looking for elements to use and am slowly but surely getting things collected. The bathroom is freshly painted, but the bedroom needs it badly. If only I knew a painter...well, a painter who doesn't work 50 or more hours every week painting other people's bedrooms. I also want to put up crown molding in the bedroom and pull up that yucky carpet, but I'm not sure we'll get to that anytime soon. So many great ideas, so little time and money!

Another project is, of course, my kitchen project. I have showed you some pictures of things I'll use in there...I'll get to it soon. I have Bunco here next week and would love to have it done by then, but if I see that's not going to work, I'll wait to start it after that. I don't want it half done.

I also want us to get that back porch screened in this spring. I think that will be so sweet! We would use it so much more, I just know we would!

And then there's the front porch. I want to repaint it and spruce it up with fresh plants and flowers. Obviously, that's a spring project.

Oh, by the is my youngest brother's 41st birthday! Happy birthday, Michael. Have a great day-do something fun!

Here he is at Halloween... he usually has more hair than this, but he made a great Daddy Warbucks to the rest of his families' Annie cast!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Whoo, Pigs, Phooey!

I am a diehard Razorback fan, but this game is an embarrassment. Come on're better than this. I know they've had some hard times-all the upheaval and conflicts, coaching switches, long tome off between games...but is this that same team that SPANKED LSU a few weeks ago?? I hate eating crow!!

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping that 2008 brings you everything you desire! I hope each of you have a wonderful, happy, safe, healthy and prosperous new year! Don't forget to eat some pork, black eyed peas, and cabbage for luck and wealth this year! I have big plans for this new year, and you'll be hearing about all of them in the coming days.

I don't make new year's resolutions, I set goals. I've learned over the years to set a big goal, then break it down into mini goals or steps. I'll be listing those goals and steps right here in the days to come! Stay tuned and stay healthy!

In the meantime... WHOO, PIGS SOIEE!! Go Razorbacks, beat Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.

Gotta's almost game time!!