Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sweetest Blog!

Tracey has the cutest picture on her blog this morning. It's a vintage camper. My parents had one just like it, in silver. My aunt had a yellow one. Boy, do I wish we still had at least ONE of fun would it be to fix it up and camp in it...or sell it! Maybe someday!

And, in addition to a great picture, she introduced me to a sweet new blog. I only had a minute to look at it, but I am definitely going back! It's called Pink Icing on the Cake and it's a gem! I'll also link it in the Daily Tour so that it can be easily found. Check it out...she has some fabby pictures of vintage campers, as well as a gorgeous view of her recently re-done bedroom!

Which brings me to my project. I've talked about it, obsessed over it, whined about it and put it off long enough-June is the month for a Master Bedroom Redo at the Hamlet! I have many, many plans for this room, some of which I can do with no money, some will require a little scratch! Since the budget is a bit tight right now, I'll be working on those things that I can do with what I have right now. I HAVE to clear and clean before I'll even take pictures in that's the order of the day-well, ok, week. I have a bit of a busy week, so it'll take all week to get it done, most likely. Then I'll get some "before" pictures up, and hopefully I'll document the transformation, then show an "after".

Here's a tentative list of things I'm planning:

1. Clean and clear out clutter-hang up clothes, etc
2. Paint!
3. Take down window treatment, doll it up, and put it back up
4. New bedskirt to go under current bedskirt, to jazz things up a bit
5. Move around furniture-there are exactly TWO places the bed can fit (yes, I've measured. Trust me, there are ONLY two places!) so I'll leave it and the dresser where they currently are, but everything else is game for a shake up!
6. Eventually, I want to rip up the carpet, paint the floor a cool, creamy, vintagey off white and put down area rugs. Lynn is NOT KEEN on this. We'll see!
7. Furniture has to be re-finished. We have the paint. Anyone know a good painter? LOL!
8. Another eventual event-the window on my side of the bed is going to be transformed into a door, leading to the (hopefully) soon to be screened in back porch. I hope that happens sooner rather than later. Again, we'll see!

Of course, if you know me, you know that my favorite decorating style is "French Country". Since our bedroom furniture is antique French Provincial (I got it when I was 8 or 9-that's over 20 years ago, people-ok WELL over 20 years ago! More like 40! So, it's CERTAINLY antique!!) I think it'll be easiest to go with that theme! I'll be using rich colors such as reds, ambers, golds and some brown thrown in to make it not so feminine-there is a guy who lives in there, too, after all! I have some ideas that I want to play with...and I do have some options. I currently have a chair and ottoman in there, covered in red fabric. The chair actually belongs to my Mom, but we've had it for 10 years! I like it in there, but I have a couple of other options that might work better, space wise. I have an old rattan settee that was rescued from a trash pile that needs just a little work to make it functional...a fresh coat of paint, a new piece of plywood for the seat and a new cushion would work wonders. It would fit in a corner and be a great little reading spot. But, I also have a cream colored leather love seat in the living room, that will fit, too...yes, I've measured. And, that would free up some space in the living room...the red chair can go back to Mom...hmm....

I'm going to spend a little time surfing the web for some ideas, then I'll "report" back later with some more ideas!!

That should keep me busy this June! Progress will be reported as it happens!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wedding Wrap-up

Here's a picture of the whole dang bunch! This is part of the Groom's family:

And here's something I rarely do...a picture of me with Sweetest Groom:

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Beautiful Couple

Here's a picture of the Sweetest Groom and his Lovely Bride! Aren't they beautiful??

More pictures as they come in!!


We had two graduates this spring in our blended family. My niece, Sarah, graduated from nursing school last week and Lynn's niece, Ashley graduated high school last night!

We attended both ceremonies, and they were both equally special. Sarah's was much bigger and longer, but Ashley's was great as well. Sarah had around 1500 in her group, Ashley had 80 in hers!

I love attending small school graduation ceremonies. They are so personal and intimate and are really able to let the kids shine! Out of the 80, I'd say about half received scholarships. Ashley received BIG scholarships, mostly for her musical abilities, and will be attending Ouachita Baptist University in the fall. I am so excited for her, and wish her all the best!

Sarah will be studying to take her certification tests, then hopefully working as an LPN while she "fast-tracks" her RN training.

I'm very proud of both of our girls! Congratulations and keep working hard, ladies!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...and,finally- The Reception

It was as magical as the rest of the affair! We used the same hurricane globes that we used at the rehearsal dinner with red rose shaped floating candles. The clear glass allowed the candlelight to bounce off the water in the globe, and everything just sparkled.

The Mother of the Sweetest Groom made the cake, the groom's cake and a couple of (from scratch, mind you)cheesecakes. The cake was three square layers, with sheer black ribbon on the bottom layer, the same sheer ribbon accordion pleated around the middle layer and a sheer black bow on the top. It was on a mirror, and I put a trio of globes beside it, along with the red rose throw-away bouquet. It was gorgeous! And I do mean gorgeous! So very elegant.

The whole event was very much an effort of love, and I absolutely loved it. I hope the Happy Couple are lying on the beach, being waited on hand and foot and lovin life!! Congratulations, kids!

Now, back to real life!

PS-I'm still trying to get some pictures from the ceremony and reception. When I do, I'll post them!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ceremony!

The actual Big Day was a beautiful, sunny, and warm Saturday. It was a glorious day for a Magical Wedding!

The sanctuary at Ten Mile Missionary Baptist church is just beautiful and needs very little embellishments. Since the Bride told me she wanted the wedding to be simple, pretty and fancy, I had a challenge on my hands! However, I knew exactly what she meant! So, here's how it played out!

The vestibule of the church is just stunning with it's marble floors and crystal chandeliers. As luck would have it, the information desk is a lovely piece of furniture and has a gorgeous silk flower arrangement on it, so we just used it, added the guest book and pen and called it good!

We put bows on all of the pews down the center aisle-30 in all! Every other pew had a white tulle bow and the others had a black bow on top of the white tulle. The family pews had red roses, ivy and white silk flowers as well. It was simple but elegant...i.e. simple but fancy!!

The alter area of the church had white tulle draped like garland with white icicle lights underneath it. This was on the choir rail and on the banisters. We had ferns on pedestals to break up the tulle and to give some color. Votive cups with tea lights lined the choir rails and the baptistery rail. Sweetest Groom had requested a memorial to his great-grandmother who died a few years ago and to his grandfather, my dad, who died last year. It was a single pillar candle with their pictures flanking it, and he lit it at the very beginning of the ceremony. It was very emotional and sweet.

The bride wore a beautiful white beaded gown and carried red roses. The Groom wore a black tux with white shirt and red tie, and the bridesmaid wore black as well. His best man wore a tux just like his with a white tie. It was very elegant.

The pastor who married them did an excellent job with the service. It was so personal and so meaningful. He mentioned that he had counseled with them several times and that they always looked at each other like they were looking at each other at that moment. He also mentioned that they loved to laugh together. What a great way to start a marriage, don't you think?

I have to admit that I teared up a couple of times, and my brother, Sweetest Groom's uncle, also admitted that he did, too. Sigh. Love is so special when it's real!

Next time, I'll give you details on the reception. I don't have any pictures of the sanctuary--my camera died,so I have none. Hopefully someone else got some that I can use soon!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Magical Wedding!

Yesterday was the Big Day!! And it was magical!!

All the festivities started Friday night with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We used an Italian theme, and called it "We Do". All of the tables had something on them that reflected the theme, and it all started at the front door.

We placed ferns in concrete planters on either side of the door, with small wooden letters that say "We Do" sticking in the fern. The letters were painted black and glittered with clear glitter, then glued to a small dowel rod painted black and embellished with black, white and silver ribbon and white tulle. It was cute, if I do say so myself.

All of the tables had matching centerpieces, which were clear glass hurricane globes with red floating heart candles. The globes were grouped together in threes, and there was lots of ivy involved, as well. The tables were draped with white linen tablecloths and we used red and white gingham runners on all the tables.

On the appetizer table we had big wooden letters that said "We Do". They were painted black and glittered with clear glitter, as well. We served garlic bread squares with chunky marinara for an appetizer, and had Arnold Palmers to drink. For anyone who doesn't know, Arnold Palmers are are half lemonade and half iced tea. Very good and refreshing, and very well received, judging by the empty jar I had!

The guests were seated at one big table (actually, of course, it was a bunch of smaller tables pushed together and treated as one big table). In addition to the centerpiece, there were hurricane globes scattered all down the table, along with ivy. The white plates were placed on round silver trays that acted nicely as chargers. Clear crystal salad plates topped the white plates, and we had the salad plated when the guests arrived. We used white cloth napkins tied with various combinations of red, black, white and silver ribbon, along with a hand stamped and glittered hang tag that said-what else-"We Do"! Here's a look at the table.

Here's the salad just before it was devoured!

And a close up of the napkin and hang tag:

After the salad course, guests were invited to the buffet, where there was garlic bread, lasagna and spaghetti waiting. The buffet table was dressed similarly to the others, with the addition of smaller globes (identical to the big ones) along the table. Wooden letters that matched the ones in the fern outside were part of the centerpiece.

The dessert table featured clear glass cake plates and glass dessert plates. The paper napkins on this table had "We Do" stamped on the corners, matching the hang tags. Very cute!! Desserts were yellow cake with chocolate icing, chocolate cake with white icing, and homemade cheesecake. It was good stuff!

I thought the whole affair was very sweet and romantic and family oriented. It was just good plain fun!! The Happy Couple appeared to enjoy it, and I know I did. The only snaffu that I'm aware of is when Lynn had the boys outside playing baseball while we were getting things prepared and Benjie got hit in the mouth with a baseball and got a tooth knocked out. Not to worry, it was a loose baby tooth and he got BIG BUCKS from the tooth fairy for it, so it was all ok!!

Next time (whenever that time is!) I'll share details of the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The Happy Couple left this morning for the Virgin Islands for a week. Now THAT'S sweet and romantic and good plain fun!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

T minus 4 and counting!

4 days until the Big Day! I can't wait! My mom and I are going to Sam's tomorrow to buy the food for the rehearsal dinner. As I've mentioned, it's an Italian dinner, so that is certainly easy enough. We have all the hang tags for the napkins stamped and glittered, letters glittered for decorations (that will make more sense when you see the pictures...), silver trays to use as chargers for the plates, and floating heart shaped candles for all the tables!!

It's going to be a big family style casual gathering, and I hope it goes well. The Sweetest Groom Since Mine and his Bride are so excited, and I am so nervous about it, just because I want it to be super special, ultra fun and a little elegant for them!

I've also been working on corsages and's a little sneak peek at the flowers the lovely mothers and grandmothers of the couple will be wearing!

More details as they become available!!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins!

The Big Day is now 6 days away! Time is going so fast...yet, here I sit, tapping on the computer and looking up decorating ideas for our bedroom. Crazy, huh?

We survived the church youth group river float trip. Surprisingly, I had a pretty good time. The water was cold but not frigid, as I'd feared. I did experience it several times...mostly when the canoe got caught on the rocks, but once when we tipped over! The little boys were in a two man blow-up boat tied on behind us and they did fine. They didn't even turn over. I am glad, too...the spot where we dumped out was so swift and so deep that it was over my head and I had a hard time getting upright! Lynn saved me, though! My hero!! By the way, the little "trailer" we had attracted a lot of attention...everyone commented on them! They were very cute, all kicked back and loving life! Most people assured them that they had the best seat in the house! Jacob was with a friend and they hold the record for turnovers!! Jacob says 6, the friend says it was 14! It was a bunch, I know that!

I have a NASTY bruise on my upper right thigh where I fell on a rock at the very beginning of the is swollen and purple...and it HURTS!! But, it'll be ok in a few days. Good thing I don't wear shorts very often!

Back to the wedding plans...I have all the corsages and bootineers made-red roses with pearl sprays, white and black tulle tufts and sheer white ribbon...very pretty!

My next big project is to get the pew bows finished and then start gathering up things. We'll use Thursday and Friday morning to decorate, then cook for the rehearsal dinner on Friday afternoon. After the dinner we'll re-do the fellowship hall for the reception.'s all going to be so MAGICAL!!! I can't wait!!