Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Guest Tour

My friend Phyllis is a creative genius when it comes to decorating, and she really outdoes herself at Christmas. Honestly, I've visited stores that weren't as well decorated as Phyllis' house. When I visited her house last week, she graciously agreed to allow me to photograph and show her home, and in fact even sent me some additional pictures that she had taken. As pretty as the pictures are, just know that pictures do not do her house justice!

We'll begin our tour at the front door. So simple, but elegant and oh, so festive!

These are the French doors going into her sun room. She is a real estate agent, so she has collected house ornaments over the years. She has them displayed over the doorway in a beautiful, foofiied garland!
Isn't that tree grand?

This is the mantle in the sun room. She has two trees in there this year, all done up in shades of fuchsia, purple and silver. Gorgeous.
This is the top of her china cabinet in the dining area.

And her beautiful staircase treatment:

This is one of her whimsical trees...she also has quite the Santa collection.

Another picture of that gorgeous tree...sorry for the randomness of these pictures...I'm still not great at uploading stuff in the proper order!

This is the mirror in the powder room. The POWDER ROOM, people. It is absolutely beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed touring my sweet friend's home. I do have some more pictures that I will post later. Thanks so much, Phyllis!


Laura said...

Really love what she does with the ribbon! Kudos!

Arleen said...

I've not yet mastered the art of using ribbons and bows the way you have. You've inspired me to give it some thought between now and next year. Thank you for inviting me into your home and for visiting mine. Merry Christmas! ~Arleen

aek269 said...

I love the word "foofied"! That's great. Beautiful decorations too! Thanks for sharing