Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl!!

You already know that I'm a football nut. So today is a little bittersweet for me...the biggest game of the whole year, but it's also the LAST game of the season. And baseball, which is my other big sports addiction, won't start for several more weeks...but, hey-we do have the winter Olympics to look forward to!! I also love them. I want to race a bobsled, and I'm pretty sure I'd be real good at it. I used to race all the boys on our Flexible Flyer sled every time it snowed or iced on our hill when we were kids! Sometimes I even won.

It seems that the Superbowl has gotten to be more about food and commercials than the game...or at least equal amounts to the game. I have some yummy stuff planned, but I don't have pictures of it yet...but I will. Lynn says I'm the only person he knows that photographs my food before I eat it. Well, how else can you post it if you don't photo it?

We have a hot drinks station left over from the snowy/icy weather last weekend. We had hot chocolate, chai tea and green tea, along with coffee and caramel apple cider mix. Yummy!

We're having a burger bar tonight..I'm making sliders. Actually they are just cute little mini burgers and I really don't understand the purpose of them, but they are awfully cute. Here's the setups for the burgers. Oh, I get it-you can dress each burger differently and have 3 or 4 or 10 different tastes.

That bottle of red stuff-that's the homemade sugar-free ketchup I made. It's good...spicier than regular ketchup, it makes a fabulous garnish for burgers or a base for barbeque sauce or cocktail sauce. I make homemade Thousand Island dressing with it-just mix equal parts of mayo and ketchup (homemade or store bought) and a spoonful or two of pickle relish. I make a Big Mac salad...two all beef patties, special sauce (see above), lettuce, cheese, pickles (relish) and onions-no sesame seed bun for me, just the salad. It's so good. You don't even notice you don't have a bun!
My boys discovered appetizers around Christmas and are in love with all appetizer dinners. So we're having shrimp poppers, cheddar poppers, cheese sticks, aforementioned sliders, chips and dip (bean dip and Fritos-my favorite!) and chicken nuggets and fries.
So, which ever team you're for, I hope you enjoy the game, the commercials and have great food! Geaux Saints!


Aggy said...

Hey Cathy. Tell dear Lyn that you're not the only one who photographs their food before eating. Haha. Enjoy the game.

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sheetal jain said...