Monday, March 2, 2009

Easter Countdown-Week One

What a weekend! It snowed Saturday night. We only got the lightest dusting, but it was a lot of fun watching it fall. Now Melinda the weather lady says it's going to be 80 degrees by Friday. And, with it being March and all, I'm actually ready for some warm weather. Not heat and humidity, just warm and breezy and all spring like.

Did you know that Easter is six weeks from yesterday? Well, my buddy Ginger knows it and has prepared a nifty little Easter countdown for us. Although I probably won't be as faithful to it as I should be, I'm going to try to stay with it and get this place ready for guests. So, here's Ginger's assignments for week one and my responses to it!

To Do This Week:
[ ] Make the promise! Spend 15 minutes each day this week to get organized for Easter.
This is easier said than done. It's doesn't seem like much time to devote, but sometimes 15 minutes is a lot around here. However, I will make the effort!

[ ] Set up your Easter section in your holiday planner. Add blank lined pages for any notes and records.
Already done.

[ ] Create and add a master “to do” list for Easter.
I'm working on this. There's a lot "to do"!

[ ] Make or designate a planning calendar. Pencil in items to accomplish or list Lent services/activities.
Done. Not a big deal...we have an Easter program at church and brunch here. Done!

[ ] Begin at the beginning: review your family’s holiday values. Print and record your findings on the values page. What messages do you want conveyed about this holiday? What activities are most meaningful?
Interesting food for thought. It's so easy to get caught up in bunnies and baskets and to lose sight of the real meaning for the holiday, which is celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We'll work on keeping a clear focus on this this year.

[ ] Baskets await!! Start a list. Don’t forget to record purchases and plan accordingly.
All three boys will get a basket, and I'm debating on whether or not I want to do small favor baskets for my brunch guest. Keep in mind that there's about 30 invited, so I'll have to give this some thought.

[ ] Make a list of people you want to send Easter cards to. Locate addresses, and consider making a computerized address list for maximum time savings.
I don't do cards.

[ ] Making cards? Don’t forget to create a supply list.
See above

[ ] Print a home spruce-up worksheet and complete the home spruce-up exercise. Plan and schedule any pre-holiday home improvement projects. Think: Spring cleaning!
This is a lengthy list. I'll expound on this tomorrow.

[ ] Will your family travel this holiday? Or will you have guests? Plan your trip or plan guest accommodations this week.
We're not traveling..we're hosting.

[ ] Think family photos: stock up on camera batteries, pick up Easter scrapping supplies or other photo related chores.
I need to pick up ink and paper for my photo printer.

[ ] Schedule carpet cleaning now! Think Spring and seasonal cleaning chores.
No carpet cleaning on the agenda here, but lots of other cleaning. I'll work on this list and post it later this week.

So, there's the first week of Ginger's assignments. Here's hoping that I can stay on track. This is a busy week, so I hope I can accomplish some things.

What are you up to this week?


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