Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home Spruce Up

As part of the Easter countdown that Ginger has organized over at Magical Holiday Home, today I thought I'd share my Home Spruce Up List.

So, here goes:

*Paint-front porch, shutters, front door and mailbox post
*Plant front flower beds-this will be my herb garden this year. I may not have it completely planted (depends on the weather) but I'd like to get it ready
*Paint back porch

*Paint boys' bathroom and redecorate (details later...)

Now that's not too bad, is it? Notice how much painting is on the list. Do you remember that I live with a painter. Sigh.

Although this is a fairly short list, it should make a big difference in how the place looks.

Tomorrow I'll share a few details about the brunch itself.

Are you counting down until Easter? How are you getting along with your plans?


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