Friday, October 19, 2007

Flea Marketing

I love to go to flea markets and browse for treasure. For some reason, my favorite time to go is on a rainy day. I just love prowling through the treasures and potential treasures on a cool, rainy day. Nothing beats the joy of finding a gift for someone on my holiday gift list, just knowing that it's perfect for them and they will never believe it came from a flea market!

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a silver sugar shaker from my parents. I'd looked at it and drooled over it for months, but wouldn't buy it because I was buying only things for the wedding. Then, at one of my wedding showers-viola! There it was! It sits proudly in my china cabinet with some of my other flea market treasures!

Grab a girlfriend, head out to the local flea market and scoop up some treasures! Look beyond the obvious. Look for beautiful teacups and saucers to use at a Christmas tea. It doesn't matter if they match-it's more fun when the don't! Also, the teacups make wonderful candles-just melt some wax, drop in a wick and let it set up. A single teacup might be just the thing to round out a gift basket or to tuck into a stocking. A tea basket with several types of tea, a tea strainer and an antique teacup and saucer would be a glorious hostess gift. Add a jar of honey and a honey dipper and your friend is set for a relaxing solo tea time!

I once purchased for $3.00 a 5 arm brass candlestick that I loved, but curiously, never used. This fall, I spray painted it white and now use it all the time on my dinner table or on the back porch for dinners. I plan to hang chandielier crystals on it for Christmas and make it part of a display in my living room, along with some red and gold taper candles and greenery.

Think out of the box and see what you can find! Let me know what you come up with!! Have fun!


Aggy said...

Hi Cathymac, it's Aggy. I have a girlfriend who loves the flea market. Whenever we're in the car and we spot a flea-market sign, she has to stop. I always laugh and tease her. They say going to the flea market on a rainy day is the best time to go because not a lot of people show up. You find great stuff and can often work out a really good bargain.

cathymac said...

That's a good point! Plus, then you don't have to clean house!!

debbie said...

How about some pictures of your candlestick? I'd love to see it!