Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Boo!Bash! was a success! We had 60 people here! Almost everyone was in costume, as well. We had a tractor and trailer loaded with hay for a hayride, a bonfire (well...a fire in the firepit), lots and lots of desserts and warm and cold drinks, hay, pumpkins and glorious weather! God blessed us with a huge orange harvest moon! It was so great!

Everyone's costumes were so creative...we had Sleeping mom in her robe, cold creamed face and slippers; Spiderman and the boys Benjie and Jonah; Burger brother Mark; a few bikers, cowboys, baseball players, assorted Star Wars characters, Bonnie and Clyde, a fireman and a doctor, a prom queen and Daisy Mae (from Little Abner fame) and the entire cast of Annie-Daddy Warbucks and all! That was my other brother Michael and his entire family plus a couple of orphans! Jacob, my oldest, was the most creative of all...he put on a hat! Not sure what he called himself...hmmm..

We are already making plans to do it again next year!!

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