Monday, October 22, 2007

What are you going to be for Halloween? When we were kids, that was the big question at our house!! We loved to plot and plan our costumes. I can remember being a hippie (this was the 70's!, a clown, a witch and a hobo. It was so fun. We had a great neighborhood for trick or treating-almost everyone was family, and the ones that weren't knew the family! We got great candy!

My kids start planning their costumes early too. Of course, Mom helps encourage that! This year, we have Spiderman ( my 6 year old son) the Rifleman (from a 1950's tv show)(my 7 year old son), Elwood from the Blues Brothers(my 14 year old son), and Mr. and Mrs. Zorro!! I am the only person I know that has an everyday wardrobe flashy enough to put together an outrageous costume from things I wear every day!! I really don't know that Mrs. Zorro dressed like I plan to, but it's my party and this is how I would dress if I really was Mrs. Zorro.

I plan to wear a white blouse with ruffled cuffs, black gauchos, a sparkly red cape, a silver cowboy hat with silver tulle veil, and my black riding boots. Yes, I own all of that! Scary, huh?

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meredithfive said...

You have a silver cowboy hat with a veil?!? You are so funny and creative!