Sunday, November 29, 2009

Virtual Holiday Tour of Homes

My friends from Magical Holiday Home and I have decided to have a virtual tour of homes again this year. Last year, on the eve of the tour, my computer, with my pictures safely tucked inside, shut down and would not come back on. Since I had prepared the tour with links and scheduled it to post automatically, the tour went on, but without me! That's just the kind of thing that happens to me! Hopefully that won't happen this year. For one thing, I'm going to leave my photos on my camera memory card until AFTER the tour date. That way, if something does happen to the Toshiba, I can use another computer and still share my pictures!
If you'd like to join us, feel free. You don't have to be a member of MHH to join in-but if you're a Christmas crazy, you owe it to yourself to skip over there and check it out. We have an active message board with lots of interesting discussions on a variety of topics. I'll have a Mcklinky thing-a-ma-jig up and running at 12:00 am on December 12. Be sure to link to the actual tour post, not your blog in general. That way, if someone doesn't get around to viewing your blog for a few days, they will be able to find your tour post easily.
This is going to be fun! I'm also planning on participating on another tour this week, if I can get my pictures taken in time. Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry is hosting a fabulous blog tour on Tuesday. I hope I'm ready!! You totally owe it to yourself to see this. Tracey is wonderful and has a gorgeous blog and lots of followers. It'll be worth your while!
Looking forward to counting down the holidays with you!

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Aggy said...

I will definately be there. Can't wait to see everyone's pretty decorations.