Saturday, September 20, 2008

National Stay at Home Week

Sorry I haven't blogged lately-I've been busy, and I just haven't been in a blogging mood!

For those who've asked, we are doing fine, thanks so much! I could feel all the prayers circling my family, and God answered them in a big way. Thanks so much!!

I'll share job details and all that jazz later, but today I just want a little fluffy post to get back into the swing of things!

So, I'm watching the Arkansas Razorbacks get slaughtered on tv by the Alabama Crimson Tide (roll on out of here, Tide, and leave us alone!), and one of the national commercials talked about "National Stay at Home Week", so I went to the ABC website to check it out. It's actually just a way to get everyone to watch tv next week, September 21-27, for their season premiere week. Ok, that's kind of cheesy, I guess, but the whole concept is actually very nice. So, I'm making plans to make it an all out holiday kind of week. I know there is massive eye rolling out there, so just cut it out. You are not forced to participate. However, you will miss a lot of good times with your own family if you choose not to!

Here are some little ideas I've come up with for a week long celebration:

*On Sunday, refrain from complaining and nagging the children to clean their rooms. Give them a break by taking a nap so that they don't have to hear you fuss at them.

*On Monday, have a little treat for the family when they come home from school or work. I'm thinking my guys would just LOVE to see my nails perfectly manicured!!

*On Tuesday, have their favorite dessert for after dinner. My family is easy to please when it comes to sweets and like a big variety, so I'm thinking we should just narrow it down to my favorite, bread pudding.

*On Wednesday, treat them to the sight of you enjoying your favorite Starbucks offering-mine is Pumpkin Spice Latte, and none of them care for it, so out of consideration for them, I won't get them one!

*On Thursday, let the kids have a fun time cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Teens especially enjoy this activity, although they will often act like they don't. Don't worry, it's just an act and they really LOVE for you to ask them to do it! So, ask often! Let them know how much you love them!!

*On Friday, take the day off and don't worry about housework, laundry or cooking. When they complain about not having any clean underwear, explain that it really doesn't's stay at home week and they aren't going anywhere anyway! Order pizza for dinner, and to include your hubby in the activity, let him pay for it when the pizza guy arrives. Just camp out in the bathroom until hubby pays and the pizza guy leaves. Hubby'll never figure it out and you'll be $25 ahead! That's 5 more Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

*On Saturday, sleep in as late as you'd like. Then let hubby take you out for breakfast. Don't worry about breaking the rules about staying at home...all ABC cares about is that you are there for prime time tv viewing, and you'll be back well before Saturday Night College Football comes on!

I'm liking this Stay at Home Week idea. I'm not sure this is what ABC had in mind, but hey-whatever works!

Let me know what activities you choose!



Becki said...

As usual, I like your way of thinking!

Diedra said...

Excellent advice about the pizza!!!

Carrie said...

Love it!! My kind of stay at home week!

Cathi said...

I wish I had seen this post earlier. Stupid project with a deadline this Friday !!

Christmas Creations said...

That is hilarious!!! Of course I didn't get to this post til today but man I certainly wish!!!! With Baseball season underway and three boys playing this National Stay at Home week doesn't make the cut for me...uugghh