Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a working girl...

...and I'm not sure how I feel about that...I really love staying at home, but in this economy, I'm not sure many of us will have that luxury any more. I don't mind working, it's just that I'm so spoiled after being home for so long. But, if you have to work, my job is not bad!

I will be working in the mental health field as a case manager, assigned to a specific school and working with a specific therapist. I'll be able to set my own schedule, and will be paid according to how much I between now and Christmas, I plan to work quite a bit. That should make Christmas a little easier.

Lynn painted a house last week and we're sure more stuff will come up, we just don't know when. That's very scary when you have three kids and a mortgage! Right now he's painting the church, bringing it into the 21st's been pink and blue (mauve and country blue, I believe is the correct terminology) for the past 20+ years. It is now a neutral but pretty off white, my new favorite color to paint everything! That's funny coming from a color loving girl like me!!

I am very excited about the Boo!Bash2! We are just a few weeks away, and plans are in full swing! Unfortunately, Hurricane Gustav took the pumpkins and most of the hay with him when his rains flooded the farm, so someone down river from us has a ton of fall decor, just waiting for them! We are having a yard sale this weekend, and the proceeds from that will be used for the party.

That's about all the exciting news here at the Hamlet. I am so ready for some cool, crisp weather...they are saying maybe next week. We got a little taste of it last week, then BAM-back to upper 80s!


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