Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav Hits!

We have been suffering through the "outer bands" of Gustav here in central Arkansas. We've had over 7 inches of rain in two days and when I got up this morning, an hour late, the power was off. I'm just thankful I woke up when I did! I got everyone up and ready by the time Uncle Michael got here to get them...and they went to school very reluctantly. I'm really not sure why they wanted to stay at home-we had no power, which means no tv, computer, radio, dvd player, lights, stove, hot water or AIR CONDITIONER, while at school they had all of that!

I even got three calls this afternoon cancelling church services tonight-no power there, either! And, it flooded the basement a little..fortunately the staff discovered it in time to deal with it before it got too bad, and they got it resolved without much damage.

Our power came back on about 4:30 pm-just as we had made plans for the evening by gathering up candles, lanterns and flashlights, deciding on a grilled-on-the-back-porch dinner of burgers and fries, and instructing the boys to get homework done while it was still light enough to see...but you know what? Nobody complained!

With predictions of a colder and wetter winter than usual for our area, this might have been a good check up for us..because we live directly across the highway from Wal-Mart and the county hospital, we just always have had good luck with power outages-we are almost alway lit up when others are dark! This makes me realize that I need to get our winter survival kit dusted off and replenished with candles, matches, a flashlight (with batteries this time) and maybe even some canned food...that sounds like a good autumn project!

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Jessica said...

We've been getting pounded for the past two days here too. Luckily we haven't lost power or anything. But your post reminded me that I need to get stuff ready here too just in case!