Saturday, November 22, 2008

33 Days until Christmas

Did you know that it's only 33 days until Christmas? And if you didn't know that, you clearly do not watch tv, listen to the radio or go to Wal-Mart...they've been telling us for several weeks now that it's on the way!

We are firming up our Christmas plans around here. I am so excited. You know how I love Christmas and firming up plans. I'm just giddy with it all !

I am hoping that after I get my Christmas decorations up to have pictures up for you. And don't forget that on December 15 some Magical Holiday Home folks and I will be participating in a virtual Holiday Tour of Homes, similar to the fall tour. This one will be hosted on Pumpkins and Reindeer, my Rudolph Day planning blog. If you don't know what Rudolph Day is, it's the 25th of each month, used to do something (anything, really) to prepare for Christmas year round. It sure makes the load lighter in December, I'll tell you! And, if you want to participate in the home tour, you don't have to be a member over at MHH...just leave me a message on P&R and I'll add your link! I need everyone's link by about 6 pm central standard time on December 14 to get it all ready.

Today I've posted about SpyElves on P&R...if you don't know what SpyElves are, go check it out.

I am working on my shopping, just a little at a time. We're pretty sure we know what Santa has in mind to bring, and we'll be helping him get that secured soon, due to a little "outside" job that Lynn picked up this weekend...not "out of doors" outside, but "out of his regular job" outside. Maybe I should have just said "extra". But you know my motto-why use one word to describe something when you can use 10 or 11.

But, before the baubles, lights, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas items come out, we must celebrate my all time favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I told all of my (client) kids yesterday not to eat too much turkey and pumpkin pie, and they all laughed and said that they probably would, anyway. I told them I probably would, too. I am off all next week (well, except for Tuesday, but I won't even go into that because I am aggravated about that), but my kids have to go to school Monday and Tuesday.

on Tuesday night, we have Thanksgiving at church. That is my favorite service of the whole year. We all gather in the fellowship hall and eat a lovely turkey and dressing dinner with all the trimmings, then we move into the sanctuary and have a song service. Everyone who wants to sing can...Lynn and the kids and I sang last year, and believe me that was a once in a lifetime event for me. Benjie and Jonah are going to sing with Makayla and Conner (my niece and nephew) this year. They are singing "Amazing Grace". I can't wait.

Then on Thursday we'll go to Mom's and eat again, along with about 40 of our family and friends. No, that's not a typo-there's actually 40+ at that gathering. Then on Saturday, it's another celebration with Lynn's family at our house. After we eat, Lynn's sisters and cousins head to the movie, along with our boys, and he and I collapse on the couch for a while. Sometimes I go shopping.
Then, Sunday afternoon, weather permitting, I'll start pulling out the Christmas decorations! Oh, boy! I can't wait to start!!
What are you up to on this Saturday? Is it cold where you's 26 degrees here! Stay warm!

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