Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm a deer widow!

The Great White Hunter!

Lynn finally, finally got to go hunting on opening day of gun season! Bless his heart, he's wanted to do that for 10 years now, but something has always prevented it-usually having to work. But this year, he's there! Right now! And I encouraged it!

I think we may take a little fall foliage tour this weekend...we haven't been anywhere all summer, and this is one of the peak weekends in Arkansas for leaf peeping, so my plan is to head out for a few hours when Lynn gets home from the deer woods.

If we do so, I should have plenty of pretty pictures to share with you later.

In other news....

*I'm trying to get organized enough to have a Tuesday Tablescape contribution this week. I have those fabby new dishes that Terri gave me, and an idea blossoming in the recesses of my tiny little mind, so we'll see how that plays out. I really enjoy looking at everyone's pretty tables. If you enjoy that sort of thing, check out Susan's blog and see what I'm talking about.

*Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means that Black Friday is right behind it. You know Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when all the stores have these manic sales, trying to start their holiday shopping season in the black...are you a Black Friday shopper? I am if there are stupendous bargains, but honestly, these days, it had better be a biggie, or I'm staying nestled snug in my bed at 4 am!! Did you know that there are whole websites devoted to advertising these sales? Here's my favorite. Here's another one. Check it out and see if your stores are offering things good enough to get you out of bed.

*Yesterday while buying groceries I did pick up a few non-perishables for my Thanksgiving dinner. I like to start early so that the whole meal is not such a blow to my pocketbook, which honestly can't take many more blows!

*But, all is good...Lynn is starting work Monday at a local cabinet shop, finishing their cabinets. It's where he worked when we married, and it's a good thing. It's not quite as much money as he was making, but it should be stable. That is important..sometimes the amount coming in is not as crucial as the frequency!

I hope you have a good day and a great weekend. Get out and enjoy the fall weather!



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