Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Productive Weekend!

The fall leaves are getting really pretty seems to me that they are a bit later than usual this year, but after looking at our family Thanksgiving picture from last year, I noticed that the leaves are quite green in the background, so maybe it's not that late, after all. Todd the Weather Guy says that they should peak in mid-November...we love to take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and drive around, just looking at leaves. And now that gas is a LITTLE bit cheaper we might get to do that this year! LOL!

Jacob and I did a little flea marketing this weekend. I found all kinds of wonderful things, but restrained myself from purchasing most of it. I really have been conscious of what I'm bringing into the house these days, and will only purchase an item if (1) I really NEED need...and I mean real need, such as groceries or clothing or a gift for someone; (2) I know exactly where I'll display/store it/give it to and (3) it's in my means financially. I could have really loaded up this weekend...I found a treasure trove of goodies! I found a fabulous French Provincial dining table, 6 (or maybe 8...can't really remember) chairs including two arm chairs and a gorgeous china cabinet, all for $800. It is so pretty, just what I want if I ever get a real dining room. Alas...I don't (1) REALLY need it; (2) Have a place to store it and (3) have the financial means right now to get it. But, hey-a girl can dream, can't she?

I did buy a few little things...actually, I have one person's Christmas gifts half way done! Sorry, no more details will be forthcoming on that...just in case that person is reading this! LOL!

But...I did find a couple of things that I did purchase...and here they are!!

Now, picture this huge, and I mean huge, basket painted white and dry brushed with gold, filled with logs for the fire, or with red, cream and brown towels for our bathroom, or, my favorite idea right now-a huge red bow tied around it and piled high with beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts, sitting under the Christmas tree, ready to hand out to our family and friends. You can see it, too, can't you? Oh, yeah, baby! Best part-it was $4!!

Now this little jewel I can totally justify! (1) I didn't have anything turkeyish; (2) it's going on top of the cabinet in the kitchen and (3) it only cost $4!
What do you think of my bargains?



tardevil said...

Do you hear the applause? Good job! That little turkey is perfect for Turkey day!

Julie said...

Love your ideas for that basket. Sometimes my brain does not go into realizing what something 'could' have been used for until way after I have left the store! ha ha