Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday!

I've been posting a few Thanksgiving type recipes over at Scarecrow Soup . Keep checking over there... I have a bunch more to share in the next week, then SS will go the way of Haunted Hamlet..still with us, just not the main focus!

I'm getting excited about the upcoming holidays. I know that money is so tight for everyone, and there will be lots of cutting back, but I honestly think that lots of people will be celebrating the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas much much more than they might normally do. Yes, it's so fun giving (and getting, if we're being honest) lots and lots of gifts, but really, the heart of the holiday is celebrating God's bounty in our lives and the greatest gift of all, the birth of Christ Jesus. What could be better than that?

I'm hoping to have a few minutes this weekend to put together another tablescape for Tablescape Tuesday. I think I'll practice the Thanksgiving tablescape I have in mind and see how it looks. If you are reading this and are coming to my house on Saturday after Thanksgiving, you might or might not see the same tablescape. Depends on my mood on Saturday-or actually, Friday night!

Some friends and I recently had a discussion about the use of paper plates, specifically the use of them for holidays. My position remains the same: I don't care one whit if you use them, more power to you if that works for you. However, God willing, I will never use them for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. I might consider using them for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, if the plates are pretty and we are eating outside...and we will continue to use the ugly Styrafoam plates for Halloween, because we usually have about 50 people for that, and even I don't have enough plates for that. Ok, I probably do, but we're still going to use the ugly paper ones.

See these dishes? These are the ones that Terri gave me, remember. Well, this is just a portion of the plates I I have plenty and I have a new-to-me dishwasher, thanks to Lynn's sister Gail. Thanks Gail! So it's ok to use the good stuff...even if I have to hand wash them, it's still ok. Wow-that was quite the rant, now wasn't it?

And while I'm ranting and rambling, let me just say that you will almost always be presented a clean plate, be it paper or china, at my house for your dessert. So just take it and use it and quit protesting that you can just eat your pie on the same plate you ate your pork chops off of. It's not going to happen. It's gross and we have plenty of dessert plates, too. (See above!) Humor me. It's one of my (many) quirks that make me, Me. Shut up, Michael.

Ok, that's enough rambling for today-I have to go to work!!

Starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, the Hamlet will move full steam into...Christmas mode!! Whoo hoo!



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Becki said...

I am looking forward to eating off those marvelous plates you have! I am with you, you should not eat dessert off your Dinner plate. Yuck. I can go both ways on the paper vs. the real thing. I like the real thing for real meals, but party type food, I usually do paper plates.

How do you feel about plastic utensils? I prefer the real, but I don't usually have enough of the real thing when everyone gets a new one here and there throughout the day. I've got to figure out if I have to buy new silverware before you come for my Christmas Party or not. And....if you insist, (please say yes) I would have to go out and buy some new pieces! Just kidding, I really CAN'T go out and buy new ones THIS year!