Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Making a Joyful Noise

It's only 16 days until Thanksgiving here in the US. I love this holiday. It is one of the few days of the year that has as it's focus God's blessings on us. Yes, there's lots of food, football and fellowship, but the bottom line is the day is to thank God for everything He's done for us in our lives. We should do this everyday, but I think we tend to forget sometimes.

At our church, we have a tradition that I especially enjoy. On Tuesday before the holiday, we have a church wide Thanksgiving service. Our kitchen crew prepares a full turkey day meal-ham, turkey and dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, salad and dessert, along with homemade yeast rolls. Oh, yeah! It' a wonderful time of being together with our church family and sharing God's bounty.

After dinner, my favorite part-even better than the pecan pie-begins. We move from the fellowship hall into the sanctuary, and the many, many talented people in our church take turns presenting musical praise. I love this part of Thanksgiving. The list is sometimes very long-30 or so people, or not so long, but it is always wonderful. Last year, my middle son, Benjie sang with my friend Melissa. They sang "Jesus Loves Me"-all 4 verses, and it was so sweet! Melissa has an amazing voice. I love to hear her sing, and she was so patient with Benjie. What a friend!!

This year, my entire family will be singing! Lynn (my husband) and Benjie can actually carry a tune...the rest of us will be warbling along! I absolutely cannot sing, but I promised them that I'd get on the stage with them IF I don't have to use a microphone! It's going to be scary for me, more so for those listening to me! It will be fun, though, and I'm trying to remember that God just expects us to "make a joyful noise!". Hope everyone else remembers that, as well! It will be joyful, just not on key!


Love to decorate said...

Cathy, I love the idea of the Thanksgiving program at church. That really is very special. That is great that your family is singing

Becki said...

Make sure you film this. I'd love to see you guys all singing!

franjane said...

You forgot to tell that last year your middle son was only 6 years old.
Proud Nannie