Monday, November 19, 2007


This is one of my favorite weeks in the year. Although I consider Labor Day the beginning of "Cathy's Holiday Season", things really kick into high gear this week!

My kids are out of school from Wednesday on. I've been trying to think of things to keep them busy while I prepare for two Thanksgivings. We'll eat with my family-all 50 or so of them-on Thursday, and then host Thanksgiving for Lynn's family on Saturday. I like both celebrations. We'll have similar menus at both parties-turkey and dressing of course, along with ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans (made southern style with bacon and onions and cooked all night long in the crockpot. Yummy!) and all kinds of other stuff. Desserts will be a close second to the turkey as the star of the day. I am making a pumpkin gooey butter cake to take to Mom's and a strawberry cobbler for our house. Benjie has commented that he loves strawberry shortcake any time of the year, so I guess we'll have one of those as well for one of the celebrations. Or maybe both.

I wish everyone could be with us on this holiday of gratitude. I miss my Arizona auntie and cousins, and my Florida and Georgia cousins. When I get rich, I'm going to have a huge Thanksgiving celebration and fly everyone in, and then have the parts that I don't like to make catered. I like to make pumpkin gooey cakes and strawberry cobblers!! And strawberry shortcake!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you have much to be grateful for, and that you are suitably grateful!

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