Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend stuff

We attended the magnificient presentation by Geyer Springs First Baptist Church of the birth, life, death and burial and resurrection of Jesus last night. It was very well done. I've been to several of these presented by others over the years, of course, including the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (which I highly recommend, by the way!). They are all so good-the story line is pretty awesome, so it would be hard to mess it up if you stick to the original script! This one was no exception-very Biblical, very professional looking. My neighbor and friend, Lynne, was in it and even had a solo. She did a great job as "Yenta", one of the few comedic parts in the whole performance. The woman is part ham, I do believe! She did a very good job, and the boys were all so excited to see "Ms. Lynne" on stage singing! Good job, Lynne, and thanks for inviting us! We enjoyed it!

Our youth group is having a chili supper tomorrow night to raise money for a mission trip to Pennsylvania this summer. Jacob is planning on going. He has sold one ticket to the chili supper to date. And it's tomorrow. He had the perfect opportunity this past weekend--everyone was here for breakfast. He could have cleaned up, but unfortunatley, neither one of us remembered that! The trip is called "City Reach" and our youth pastor takes a group of 9th-12th graders every summer for a week of community service. Love it!

My kids only go to school three days this week, Monday-Wednesday. Thursday is parent-teacher conference and Friday they are off for Good Friday, but we all know it's just an early beginning to spring break to them! Spring break is next week-please pray for me!

I think we may try to slip over to Memphis during spring break to go to the zoo and perhaps attend the Passion Play over there. At least that's the plan right now...could change any minute now!

Easter lunch will be here next Sunday. I am using this week (well, this 3 days) to get things ready so that when the kids are home I won't be a screaming mimi trying to get stuff done. I'm heading to Lowe's in a few minutes to get some spring plants for my centerpieces, and I've got the menu planned, just need to fine tune it. We are definately going pot luck barbeque this year, a little break from the traditional ham and potatoes! Details of the menu will be coming up on Dinner.

I have new clothes purchased for the boys-all 4 of them, but I'm still searching for my stuff. I think I've about decided and will be heading out this afternoon to pick it up-black and white! It will serve a dual purpose...Easter and I can wear it to do shows in...oh, yeah, triple purpose-I can wear it for Josh and Melissa's wedding!!

That's right! My nephew, Josh, and his beloved, Melissa have set a date for their nuptuals! It's May 17 and the wedding is black and white! How elegant is that? Can't wait!! Congratulations, kids! Both of you have chosen well!

More wedding details will be upcoming, no doubt!

Here's a little sneak peek at the "chicken coop" that I've redecorated! More of that to come, too!


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