Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to Routine

After a Way Too Short spring break, we're back to our normal routines around here. That sounds funny to say, because there is very little normal or routine around this house, but you know what I mean. Back to our usual controlled (more or less) mania!

We are smack in the middle of baseball practices, but unfortunately, we're also smack in the middle of RAINY WEATHER!! Coach called last night and gave us practice times and locations, along with rain dates! Gotta love Arkansas weather...something for everyone, usually every day!

We had a very quiet ending to spring break around here. Of course, the fact that it rained most of the weekend helped. The boys and I went to the library last week so we had plenty of reading material for the rainy Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We kicked off our weekend with pizza from Larry's pizza... man, was it good! We had a pepperoni and a cheeseburger pizza. It was totally worth the trip to pick it up. Add to the fact that it's way cheaper than the Hut and you've got yourself a winner!

Saturday I went to the grocery store and Lynn watched movies and relaxed all day. I am not saying this as a bad thing-this is a very GOOD thing. The man works like a maniac so that I don't have to! He deserved a day of watching movies and reading "Hank the Cowdog" stories. Jonah chose one of the Hank books at the library and Lynn and I both ended up reading it. Very cute book for little boys who love cowboys and dogs!

Sunday was a washout as far as the weather is concerned. It poured buckets. I had a Park Lane meeting, so I had to drive to Little Rock, but it was ok. The meeting was good and I got recharged. You can read more about this on Blingy Chick if you choose to! Good stuff!

What did you do with your spring break and/or weekend? Let me know!


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