Monday, June 16, 2008

Grocery Shopping Challenge

Ginger has an interesting idea over at her lovely blog, Month by Month. She is trying to cut her grocery bill by at least 25%, hopefully more over the next few months. I think she's on to something!

I need to do this as well. Lynn and I have discussed this very topic over the weekend-I literally leave the grocery store sick to my stomach every Friday or Saturday, after dropping a minimum of $150 each week for groceries. I buy store brands, I compare prices, we eat a lot of dry beans, hamburger and chicken...and it's still outrageous. So, I'm jumping in with Ginger in an effort to cut this part of our budget and get a grip.

While we were preparing for Josh and Delaney's wedding, we shopped at Sam's Club, using Michael's corporate card. I was impressed with the's been a long time since I'd been there. Yes, I know there are problems with Wal-Mart and Sam's regarding their corporate policies, but frankly, we have no other options for warehouse shopping that I'm aware of. And, Wal-Mart is just the bottom line cheapest grocery store in town-I compare prices, remember? And, if another store has an item on sale cheaper than WM, they price-match, so I don't have to run all over town, wasting $4/gallon gas. I know that's trying to justify things, but honestly, it's the truth!

So, I told Ginger that I'd join her on her grocery an effort to get my usual grocery bill of way too much down to just too much! Visit Ginger's blog to see what her plans are...I'm following the same basic plan, just altering it to fit our family of 5-including 3 boys! I need to fine-tune it, then I'll post it here.

Speaking of three boys...Jacob has been gone since last Thursday, and it's been amazing to realize how much a skinny 15 year old boy can eat! LOL! I miss him and my mom, though. They are in Washington, Pennsylvania on a mission trip called City Reach. There are 250 high school students, grades 9-12 and adult sponsors working in the community of Washington to spread the glorious news of Jesus Christ! I'm very proud of Jacob for going, and my mom as well. She's a good role model for the young women she'll be working with this week. You go, Mom!

Ok, I've got to get busy on my housework...I'd rather blog, but Lynn would prefer that I beat a path through the junk!

Oh, by the way...over at Pumpkins and Reindeer, my Christmas planning blog, I've listed a month's worth of projects for Christmas in July. Check it out!!



Becki said...

Okay Girl, you've got me so confused! When did you start "Pumpkins and Reigndeer"? I thought Holiday Hamlet WAS your Chirstmas/Holiday Blog. Don't be leaving me out of the loop, My Dear! Now, I've got 3 of your Blogs to check out. Of course, we are still stuck at Cinco DeMayo on your food blog. We haven't known what we're supposed to be eating since May! You are keeping me busy! Love you!

Cathy Miller said...

Sorry, Bec! Ginger inspired a bunch of us to do specific holiday related blogs to keep up with the prep of those holidays. check the links on the side of HH and under "It's an Illness" you'll find the othe links.

I know, I've been bad with Dinner at the Hamlet...I'll get to it eventually!