Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just in Case You're Interested...

The bedroom project is going well! I am in the clearing/cleaning stage right now...this is really the first week I've had to work on it. I had to get Bible School over with before I could fully focus on it.

I spent the day yesterday cleaning out the closet. My brother, Michael has lost a ton of weight-about 50 pounds at last count-and has given Lynn a bunch of clothes that no longer fit him. No one likes a smarty pants, Michael. But thanks for the clothes, anyway. So, I had to clean out some stuff to make room for the new stuff. Now I have a wonderfully clean closet-we actually have a floor in there! Wow-who knew! But, I have a terribly cluttered bedroom! I am sorting things to go to storage (winter clothes), an upcoming yard sale, and the trash. So far it's still in the floor, but this weekend I should be able to move all out to it's new, if temporary, home-the storage shed in the back yard.

Today I worked on the linen closet in the boys' bathroom. It still needs some help, but it's better. My goal is to clear it out totally and give each boy their own section-it's divided into three shelves with separate doors. Lynn is going to make a shelf in each section, so that each boy will have a shelf for towels and washclothes, and a shelf for toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, Q-tips and cotton balls, mouthwash and deodrant. Or little cars and trucks, depending on which one's section it is.

Tomorrow, it's on to the boys' closet. That has to be done asap. I've just discovered that they keep mixing up clean and dirty clothes and I keep washing the same things over and over. No wonder I can't get the laundry done! So, I'll take the time tomorrow to get them straightened out (well, their clothes anyway) and then back to my project on Saturday.

Friday is grocery shopping day, so I that will take some time. Jacob and Mom will be home Saturday afternoon sometime, Benjie is spending the day with a friend, Jonah has a friend spending the day with him, and Lynn is going fishing.

That's about it for today. Almost time to get ready for Bunco tonight! Yea!!!



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