Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vision, Part 2

It's coming together! I am getting that all important Vision regarding our bedroom. As I've mentioned before, it's kind of important to use as much of the things I already have, and then fill in the bare spots as I find treasures. Yesterday I was in Catos exchanging a skirt for the third time (each one smaller! Yay!!) and I found some gold candlesticks that I really like. I didn't buy them, but I will this weekend. They totally fit the Vision I'm developing for this space.

I took a look at our room yesterday with a critical eye...trying to decide what I could/wanted to keep and what had to go. Here's the beginning of that list!

*the furnture, but repaint it-we have the paint. Consider new hardware
*the quilt that is my "bedspread" right now. I absolutely love it, the colors are perfect. I need to add a new foofified bedskirt and pillows to make it work.
*the cream and red toile fabric I am using as valances. They match the quilt and I love the fabric...they also need some foofifing, and I do know what I want to do with them.
*the floor lamp...again, foofified
*two cream colored throws-one that my Granny crocheted for me, the other one that was my other grandmothers. I had actually given it to her for has a gold "M" embrodered on I got it when we cleaned out her house after she died.

Has to go:
*the junk
*the clutter
Enough said!

coming soon...Vision, part 3!


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