Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vision, Part 3

Ok, I think this project is coming together! I am getting excited about it. My mom had a 4 yard lenth of red and cream checked fabric that matches the red in the toile and in the quilt perfectly. I have a length of solid red that also matches, so I'm set for fabric. I am going to paint the walls a soft topaz (yellowish/goldish color) and glaze it with a translucent topaz colored glaze, then rag it off to create a faux finish. I'll be using the red fabric to create a bedskirt under the cream colored Battenburg lace one, the using the quilt on top. I'll use the toile fabric to make window panels and pillows for the bed, and the checked for valances and pillows as well. The mini blinds are coming down and I'm going to put a lace blind up'll filter the light, but still allow some. I also am looking for gifted and thrifted finds to complete the look.

Next week is Bible school at our church, plus Jacob and Mom are leaving Thursday for a mission trip to Pennsylvania, then Lynn, Benjie, Jonah and I are going to the lake for the weekend, so it'll be a week or so before I start. Believe me, nothing gets done during Bible School week but that! The first week will most likely be a cleaning, clearing decluttering week, then on to the fun stuff!!

Don't worry, I'll be posting pictures as I go...but not until after a little cleaning session, lol!!


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