Saturday, October 4, 2008

Glorious October!

On one of the message boards I visit every now and then, there is an autumn discussion. One of the the posters asked if anyone thought the reason they were such a fall fan is because they are autumn babies. Several people who responded are not autumn babies but still confess a love of autumn. Well, I'm going to tell you right now-I believe that there is a connection between the season you are born and the season you love the best. I am an autumn baby and was an autumn bride. No coincidence there-I planned my wedding around the fall leaves! Oddly enough, I didn't use fall colors in my wedding, but I wish now, 1o years later, that I had. Wouldn't this centerpiece be glorious on individual tables at a wedding reception?

And, I'm a sucker for vintage Halloween stuff. I just love it! I found this on the web at a site that offers free clipart...isn't it wonderful?

I am hoping for a vintage feel to the Halloween party this year...but real vintage stuff is so expensive, IF you can find it around here, so I'm having to vintagize (is that a real word or another Cathy-made-up word) some things...don't forget to check out the Haunted Hamlet on October 16 for the Magical Holiday Home's virtual Fall Tour of Homes for a tour of MHH members' holiday homes. You'll be able to (hopefully) see what vintage goodies I've come up with!! We're going to do it again in December for Christmas decorations!
Ok, I've got to go do some housework stuff...yucky but necessary!!

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