Friday, October 17, 2008

Look What I Found!

On my front porch when I got home from work yesterday! Three boxes of dishes! White dishes! My favorite!

A while back, my Bunco buddy Terri noticed my white dishes with a fruit border and mentioned that she had some pieces in her flea market booth that would match. She said she needed to move them and wondered if I wanted them. I of course said "yes", then promptly forgot about them. But sweet Terri didn't, and delivered them just in time for the 20th anniversay of my 29th birthday!! Along with the dishes was a sweet note acknowledging the day and wishing me a happy one. Aren't they glorious?

Here's the pitcher, filled with dried hydrangeas from Michael's yard...won't it be great for pouring juice at our family breakfasts?

There's service for six of these beauties! And, there's a set of extra large cups, just like the smaller ones...perfect for hot chocolate on a snowy day or sipping soup for lunch! Actually, I'm drinking my morning coffee from one right now!

And there's salt and pepper shakers, a gorgeous platter, a cream pitcher and sugar bowl and a gravy boat. I'll be setting a lovely Thanksgiving table this year, won't I? And, I'll be ready for Tablescape Tuesday next week! Check back and see what I have in mind....

Thanks so very much, Terri! I love them!



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starflake said...

They have such a rich coloration, too. Like milk.