Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas at the OK Corral and Christmas Parade

We've had a busy week at the Hamlet. I worked in the office all week, which was great for the paycheck but sure hampered the house keeping up! I had a mountain of laundry, dirty dishes and general clutter to deal with.

On Thursday, Jonah's 3rd grade program, "Christmas at the OK Corral" was presented. It was really good, and since the only costume requirements was for "cowboy attire", we were in really good shape! Here he is, fresh off the stage of Caldwell Elementary!

On Tuesday night we attended our town's annual Christmas parade. We had a good time, even though it was freezing. I guess that's what I get for commenting on Monday that it needed to cool off considerably before the parade...and boy, did it! We had fun watching all the entries and the people.

Benjie and Jonah think they HAVE to wear their Santa hats to the parade.

And we MUST take hot chocolate in thermoses..

This was my favorite entry. Sorry it's not a very good camera is getting old and doesn't take as good pictures as it used to.
I've almost got the house decorated. Don't forget to stop by next Sunday for the Magical Holiday Home Virtual Holiday Home Tour. That's a mouthful! It'll be fun, with several folks participating.
I hope you are having a blessed, peaceful, restful weekend. I love weekends, don't you?
Merry, Merry!

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