Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Tour, Part 2

Kitchen Tour, Part 1!

Today I'm posting part of my kitchen decorations. I want to get some better photos before I show you the whole package!

This is one of my favorite centerpieces ever! It's not for anything special, it's an every day center piece. Every time I look at it I smile. I love red berries, and the pitcher is part of a set of dishes that my dear friend Terri gave me for my birthday last year. I love white dishes! So versatile, don't you think?

These little snow people are on the microwave, along with another pitcher of red berries..

My homemade Gooseberry Patch catalog paper cones, on the whimsical, vintagy tree. You'll see more photos of this tree in the next kithen post. I love it! I found some vintage ornaments at the flea market that are perfect on it, so I need to take new photos of it to show those.

And this is a homemade ornament on the same tree, also using catalog pages.
I'll be back with more kitchen stuff soon!! Enjoy the rest of the homes on tour by scrolling down to the post below and clicking on the links. Remember, if you are participating, you have until midnight to get your links posted!
Merry, Merry!


MissB said...

Love the centerpiece! I just saw you won the giveaway on Susan's blog, betweennapsontheporch! Congrats!!!

Aggy said...

I love berries too. I use them a lot at Christmas

Cathy Miller said...

I know, Brittney! Can you believe it? I was jumping up and down when I read that! I chose the black and white toile-natch! Matches the kithen curtains! Thanks for dropping by!

Printersdevil said...

Cathy, I love the berries, too. I so wanted to take part in this tour, but I just haven't had time to finalize. I am really behind in finishing my decorating this year. Taking in my two nieces since September has really slowed me down. I do have ALL my shopping done and wrapped and that is of biggest importance here with an 11 and almost 8 year old new to the house. We have had so many school programs and I am trying to sub everyday for the $. We had to bake cookies and make candy tonight and had a choir concert rehearsal last night, so the pictures just didn't happen. I will enjoy looking at everyone's and will join in again next year.