Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still Celebrating!

We're not done celebrating here at the Hamlet. We have stretched it out this long, might as well keep it going!

I won't take my trees down until after the New Year. I will enjoy the 12 Days of Christmas, which actually began on December 25. The days leading up to Christmas were Advent. THIS is Christmas! Until January 6, I shall keep Christmas in my heart (and in my home).

But after'll be on to Valentine's Day! I have a whole bunch of winter projects in mind, and I'll be sharing them, along with my New Year's Goals (I don't make resolutions, just goals) in the days to come. But in the meantime..

I'm still watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music (thank you, KLOVE for realizing that Christmas is not just one day...) and drinking eggnog and eating bon-bons. Time enough for resolutions and taking down decorations after the new year.

How are YOU celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas?

Merry, Merry!


Vivian said...

Cathy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you return. I am with you in that I will not take my decorations down until after New Year's. Many time I leave them up until after the epiphany, which is the Sunday after New Year's. I look forward to following to see your ideas for the New Year.

Aggy said...

I too am still watching holiday movies and listening to Christmas music on the radio. Most of my decorations are down now except for the main tree in the livingroom and the lights outside. They will stay up til New Years night.

Enjoy your 12 Days of Christmas.

Pat & Ron Harris said...

I'm afraid my tree is down already. Decorations put away. A small house, not a bah humbug. Thank you so much for visiting junkblossoms! I hope you will be back soon and often. Happy New Year!