Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday afternoon

I took Benjie and Jonah to Conner's birthday party this afternoon at the park-they had a blast.

Sunday afternoons are not as relaxing around here as they used to be since Jonah discovered baseball. The kid loves any sport, and baseball is his current craze. He wants us to play pitch with him all the time. Now don't misunderstand-we know that this is very important in his ball-playing development. It's just that that is ALL the kid wants to do. Sigh.

I've been working on some holiday plans this weekend. Ginger over at MHH has planted the idea of creating different blogs for each of our "big" holidays over at MHH. We have a Great Pumpkin Day for Halloween planning, a Turkey Day for Thanksgiving planning and Rudolph Day for Christmas planning. We celebrate GPD on either the 13th or the 31st-whichever is most convenient. Turkey Day is the 4th Thursday of each month and Rudy Day is, of course, on the 25th! The purpose of these days are not to show our Obsessive Compulsive sides, it's to make the holidays easier. Think about it...if you break down the chore of planning, crafting and baking into 12 (or even 6 or 8) sessions instead of one big, long, tiring one...isn't that a great idea? We are all so very busy, and the holidays often have a way of sneaking up on us, even though we KNOW they are coming...this way, we're ready.

So, in response to Ginger's challenge to each of us (she's such a smartie!!) several of us have started separate blogs for each planning day. I won't be updating these pages every day...probably once at the first of the month, then once again after the planning date...So, on say the 5th of each month, I'll hop over to Pumpkins and Reindeer and make a list of what I hope to accomplish on Rudy Day. Then around the 26th or so, I'll check back in with my accomplishments or lack thereof. Similarly, on the 10th, I'll jump on Haunted Hamlet and do the same for Halloween chores and plans, then check back in on the 13th or the 31st (depending on real life) and let you know what I've done. Then, to round out the trio of planning dates, I'll check in at Scarecrow Soup on the 2nd Thursday of each month and then again the week after the 4th Thursday for my Thanksgiving to dos and ta das!

Yes, I do realize that I probably need professional help for this obsession, but man, is it fun! I love my holiday pages, and hope you'll check them out now and then! If you forget, check the links on the sidebar...the ones under "It's an Illness"!


Anonymous said...
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Ginger said...

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Love the illness list...LOL