Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Grief!

Well, apparantly SOMEONE reads my blog, because I've caught some grief over my "centerpiece prototype" statement in the last post. Yes, people, I do realize that sounds a bit...OCD, let's say, but you must remember...someone else is writing the checks, so before I make a bunch of one kind, I want to make sure they like it. Simple as that.

This is not what I have in mind, but isn't it pretty??

We also have a surprise planned for the Sweetest Groom since Mine and his bride...can't spill the beans just yet, just in case we don't get it done, but if we can pull it off, it's going to be SO SWEET!! They are going to flip!

I have just about completed my ideas for the rehearsal dinner...now it's on to the sanctuary for the ceremony and planning for the reception.

Yes, I'm a little bit overwhelmed, but after having a conversation with the Mother of the Sweetest Groom today, I feel better. They are so easy to work with! They want it simple and pretty! Can do, magoo!

I figure if I can do my own wedding on a shoe string budget, in two months, while raising a child and working full time, I can surely handle this little piece of cake!! It's so fun for me! I have a small confession...go ahead and get ready to laugh, Michael. It's nothing you haven't long suspected! I have a whole file on my computer full of wedding ideas, reception ideas, and party planning ideas. I even have pictures of centerpieces, cakes, etc, saved into a word document. There! My secret is out, and I'm not ashamed! All of you who know me and are laughing...you who have daughters that will someday be getting married...we'll see who's laughing when that day comes!! Ha!! I'll be getting the last laugh, even as I'm draping tulle and making prototypes of centerpieces!! So there!



Ginger said...

Hey Cathy...maybe you should start a Wedding Planner blog....I bet it would get a ton of hits!!!!

Love to decorate said...

I love the center piece