Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ceremony!

The actual Big Day was a beautiful, sunny, and warm Saturday. It was a glorious day for a Magical Wedding!

The sanctuary at Ten Mile Missionary Baptist church is just beautiful and needs very little embellishments. Since the Bride told me she wanted the wedding to be simple, pretty and fancy, I had a challenge on my hands! However, I knew exactly what she meant! So, here's how it played out!

The vestibule of the church is just stunning with it's marble floors and crystal chandeliers. As luck would have it, the information desk is a lovely piece of furniture and has a gorgeous silk flower arrangement on it, so we just used it, added the guest book and pen and called it good!

We put bows on all of the pews down the center aisle-30 in all! Every other pew had a white tulle bow and the others had a black bow on top of the white tulle. The family pews had red roses, ivy and white silk flowers as well. It was simple but elegant...i.e. simple but fancy!!

The alter area of the church had white tulle draped like garland with white icicle lights underneath it. This was on the choir rail and on the banisters. We had ferns on pedestals to break up the tulle and to give some color. Votive cups with tea lights lined the choir rails and the baptistery rail. Sweetest Groom had requested a memorial to his great-grandmother who died a few years ago and to his grandfather, my dad, who died last year. It was a single pillar candle with their pictures flanking it, and he lit it at the very beginning of the ceremony. It was very emotional and sweet.

The bride wore a beautiful white beaded gown and carried red roses. The Groom wore a black tux with white shirt and red tie, and the bridesmaid wore black as well. His best man wore a tux just like his with a white tie. It was very elegant.

The pastor who married them did an excellent job with the service. It was so personal and so meaningful. He mentioned that he had counseled with them several times and that they always looked at each other like they were looking at each other at that moment. He also mentioned that they loved to laugh together. What a great way to start a marriage, don't you think?

I have to admit that I teared up a couple of times, and my brother, Sweetest Groom's uncle, also admitted that he did, too. Sigh. Love is so special when it's real!

Next time, I'll give you details on the reception. I don't have any pictures of the sanctuary--my camera died,so I have none. Hopefully someone else got some that I can use soon!


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