Monday, May 26, 2008

The Sweetest Blog!

Tracey has the cutest picture on her blog this morning. It's a vintage camper. My parents had one just like it, in silver. My aunt had a yellow one. Boy, do I wish we still had at least ONE of fun would it be to fix it up and camp in it...or sell it! Maybe someday!

And, in addition to a great picture, she introduced me to a sweet new blog. I only had a minute to look at it, but I am definitely going back! It's called Pink Icing on the Cake and it's a gem! I'll also link it in the Daily Tour so that it can be easily found. Check it out...she has some fabby pictures of vintage campers, as well as a gorgeous view of her recently re-done bedroom!

Which brings me to my project. I've talked about it, obsessed over it, whined about it and put it off long enough-June is the month for a Master Bedroom Redo at the Hamlet! I have many, many plans for this room, some of which I can do with no money, some will require a little scratch! Since the budget is a bit tight right now, I'll be working on those things that I can do with what I have right now. I HAVE to clear and clean before I'll even take pictures in that's the order of the day-well, ok, week. I have a bit of a busy week, so it'll take all week to get it done, most likely. Then I'll get some "before" pictures up, and hopefully I'll document the transformation, then show an "after".

Here's a tentative list of things I'm planning:

1. Clean and clear out clutter-hang up clothes, etc
2. Paint!
3. Take down window treatment, doll it up, and put it back up
4. New bedskirt to go under current bedskirt, to jazz things up a bit
5. Move around furniture-there are exactly TWO places the bed can fit (yes, I've measured. Trust me, there are ONLY two places!) so I'll leave it and the dresser where they currently are, but everything else is game for a shake up!
6. Eventually, I want to rip up the carpet, paint the floor a cool, creamy, vintagey off white and put down area rugs. Lynn is NOT KEEN on this. We'll see!
7. Furniture has to be re-finished. We have the paint. Anyone know a good painter? LOL!
8. Another eventual event-the window on my side of the bed is going to be transformed into a door, leading to the (hopefully) soon to be screened in back porch. I hope that happens sooner rather than later. Again, we'll see!

Of course, if you know me, you know that my favorite decorating style is "French Country". Since our bedroom furniture is antique French Provincial (I got it when I was 8 or 9-that's over 20 years ago, people-ok WELL over 20 years ago! More like 40! So, it's CERTAINLY antique!!) I think it'll be easiest to go with that theme! I'll be using rich colors such as reds, ambers, golds and some brown thrown in to make it not so feminine-there is a guy who lives in there, too, after all! I have some ideas that I want to play with...and I do have some options. I currently have a chair and ottoman in there, covered in red fabric. The chair actually belongs to my Mom, but we've had it for 10 years! I like it in there, but I have a couple of other options that might work better, space wise. I have an old rattan settee that was rescued from a trash pile that needs just a little work to make it functional...a fresh coat of paint, a new piece of plywood for the seat and a new cushion would work wonders. It would fit in a corner and be a great little reading spot. But, I also have a cream colored leather love seat in the living room, that will fit, too...yes, I've measured. And, that would free up some space in the living room...the red chair can go back to Mom...hmm....

I'm going to spend a little time surfing the web for some ideas, then I'll "report" back later with some more ideas!!

That should keep me busy this June! Progress will be reported as it happens!


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Becki said...

LOL, we had a camper like the one you refered to also. We called it the "Mork from Ork" Egg. Remember Mork, he came out of an egg and it looked very similar!

Good luck on your bedroom project! Sound like fun. If you happen to be in my direction and have time, stop by and see me. I'd love to have your input on the building of the house and decorating. I went to Canton, TX a few weekends ago and picked up some cool vintage/old junk to put into my house. If you've never been there, I think you would like it.