Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Magical Wedding!

Yesterday was the Big Day!! And it was magical!!

All the festivities started Friday night with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We used an Italian theme, and called it "We Do". All of the tables had something on them that reflected the theme, and it all started at the front door.

We placed ferns in concrete planters on either side of the door, with small wooden letters that say "We Do" sticking in the fern. The letters were painted black and glittered with clear glitter, then glued to a small dowel rod painted black and embellished with black, white and silver ribbon and white tulle. It was cute, if I do say so myself.

All of the tables had matching centerpieces, which were clear glass hurricane globes with red floating heart candles. The globes were grouped together in threes, and there was lots of ivy involved, as well. The tables were draped with white linen tablecloths and we used red and white gingham runners on all the tables.

On the appetizer table we had big wooden letters that said "We Do". They were painted black and glittered with clear glitter, as well. We served garlic bread squares with chunky marinara for an appetizer, and had Arnold Palmers to drink. For anyone who doesn't know, Arnold Palmers are are half lemonade and half iced tea. Very good and refreshing, and very well received, judging by the empty jar I had!

The guests were seated at one big table (actually, of course, it was a bunch of smaller tables pushed together and treated as one big table). In addition to the centerpiece, there were hurricane globes scattered all down the table, along with ivy. The white plates were placed on round silver trays that acted nicely as chargers. Clear crystal salad plates topped the white plates, and we had the salad plated when the guests arrived. We used white cloth napkins tied with various combinations of red, black, white and silver ribbon, along with a hand stamped and glittered hang tag that said-what else-"We Do"! Here's a look at the table.

Here's the salad just before it was devoured!

And a close up of the napkin and hang tag:

After the salad course, guests were invited to the buffet, where there was garlic bread, lasagna and spaghetti waiting. The buffet table was dressed similarly to the others, with the addition of smaller globes (identical to the big ones) along the table. Wooden letters that matched the ones in the fern outside were part of the centerpiece.

The dessert table featured clear glass cake plates and glass dessert plates. The paper napkins on this table had "We Do" stamped on the corners, matching the hang tags. Very cute!! Desserts were yellow cake with chocolate icing, chocolate cake with white icing, and homemade cheesecake. It was good stuff!

I thought the whole affair was very sweet and romantic and family oriented. It was just good plain fun!! The Happy Couple appeared to enjoy it, and I know I did. The only snaffu that I'm aware of is when Lynn had the boys outside playing baseball while we were getting things prepared and Benjie got hit in the mouth with a baseball and got a tooth knocked out. Not to worry, it was a loose baby tooth and he got BIG BUCKS from the tooth fairy for it, so it was all ok!!

Next time (whenever that time is!) I'll share details of the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The Happy Couple left this morning for the Virgin Islands for a week. Now THAT'S sweet and romantic and good plain fun!!

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Becki said...

Every things sounds wonderful Cathy! You are so talented in this area. Okay, if I ever need a big shin-dig planned, I'll be calling YOU!