Friday, May 23, 2008


We had two graduates this spring in our blended family. My niece, Sarah, graduated from nursing school last week and Lynn's niece, Ashley graduated high school last night!

We attended both ceremonies, and they were both equally special. Sarah's was much bigger and longer, but Ashley's was great as well. Sarah had around 1500 in her group, Ashley had 80 in hers!

I love attending small school graduation ceremonies. They are so personal and intimate and are really able to let the kids shine! Out of the 80, I'd say about half received scholarships. Ashley received BIG scholarships, mostly for her musical abilities, and will be attending Ouachita Baptist University in the fall. I am so excited for her, and wish her all the best!

Sarah will be studying to take her certification tests, then hopefully working as an LPN while she "fast-tracks" her RN training.

I'm very proud of both of our girls! Congratulations and keep working hard, ladies!


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