Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins!

The Big Day is now 6 days away! Time is going so fast...yet, here I sit, tapping on the computer and looking up decorating ideas for our bedroom. Crazy, huh?

We survived the church youth group river float trip. Surprisingly, I had a pretty good time. The water was cold but not frigid, as I'd feared. I did experience it several times...mostly when the canoe got caught on the rocks, but once when we tipped over! The little boys were in a two man blow-up boat tied on behind us and they did fine. They didn't even turn over. I am glad, too...the spot where we dumped out was so swift and so deep that it was over my head and I had a hard time getting upright! Lynn saved me, though! My hero!! By the way, the little "trailer" we had attracted a lot of attention...everyone commented on them! They were very cute, all kicked back and loving life! Most people assured them that they had the best seat in the house! Jacob was with a friend and they hold the record for turnovers!! Jacob says 6, the friend says it was 14! It was a bunch, I know that!

I have a NASTY bruise on my upper right thigh where I fell on a rock at the very beginning of the is swollen and purple...and it HURTS!! But, it'll be ok in a few days. Good thing I don't wear shorts very often!

Back to the wedding plans...I have all the corsages and bootineers made-red roses with pearl sprays, white and black tulle tufts and sheer white ribbon...very pretty!

My next big project is to get the pew bows finished and then start gathering up things. We'll use Thursday and Friday morning to decorate, then cook for the rehearsal dinner on Friday afternoon. After the dinner we'll re-do the fellowship hall for the reception.'s all going to be so MAGICAL!!! I can't wait!!

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