Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...and,finally- The Reception

It was as magical as the rest of the affair! We used the same hurricane globes that we used at the rehearsal dinner with red rose shaped floating candles. The clear glass allowed the candlelight to bounce off the water in the globe, and everything just sparkled.

The Mother of the Sweetest Groom made the cake, the groom's cake and a couple of (from scratch, mind you)cheesecakes. The cake was three square layers, with sheer black ribbon on the bottom layer, the same sheer ribbon accordion pleated around the middle layer and a sheer black bow on the top. It was on a mirror, and I put a trio of globes beside it, along with the red rose throw-away bouquet. It was gorgeous! And I do mean gorgeous! So very elegant.

The whole event was very much an effort of love, and I absolutely loved it. I hope the Happy Couple are lying on the beach, being waited on hand and foot and lovin life!! Congratulations, kids!

Now, back to real life!

PS-I'm still trying to get some pictures from the ceremony and reception. When I do, I'll post them!

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