Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Directions

It's a new year, full of promises and ideas. I have a ton of things I want to accomplish this year. I hope I get a few of them actually done.

I want to finally get our bedroom and bathroom decorated the way I see it in my mind. Scary, I know, but it looks so pretty and clean there! I am looking for elements to use and am slowly but surely getting things collected. The bathroom is freshly painted, but the bedroom needs it badly. If only I knew a painter...well, a painter who doesn't work 50 or more hours every week painting other people's bedrooms. I also want to put up crown molding in the bedroom and pull up that yucky carpet, but I'm not sure we'll get to that anytime soon. So many great ideas, so little time and money!

Another project is, of course, my kitchen project. I have showed you some pictures of things I'll use in there...I'll get to it soon. I have Bunco here next week and would love to have it done by then, but if I see that's not going to work, I'll wait to start it after that. I don't want it half done.

I also want us to get that back porch screened in this spring. I think that will be so sweet! We would use it so much more, I just know we would!

And then there's the front porch. I want to repaint it and spruce it up with fresh plants and flowers. Obviously, that's a spring project.

Oh, by the is my youngest brother's 41st birthday! Happy birthday, Michael. Have a great day-do something fun!

Here he is at Halloween... he usually has more hair than this, but he made a great Daddy Warbucks to the rest of his families' Annie cast!!

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