Monday, January 28, 2008

Cathing up..and a good bye!

Wow-it's been almost a week since I've posted, and it's been a busy week! So, let's just take a moment to catch up, shall we?

Cissy, my long time friend and neighbor, lost her sister early Tuesday morning. She had cancer and had been very ill since having surgery in December. Mary Evelyn was a precious, sweet Christian lady and such a devoted sister. I know Cissy is happy for her sister that she is no longer suffering, but she'll be missed. The funeral was held Friday on a cold, miserable, sleet and freezing rain day, with a large number of people in attendance. I think that says a lot about the lady we were there to honor and celebrate. I'm going to miss your sweet, cheery smile, Mary Evelyn! We'll see you again!

Wednesday was church night, as usual, with the usual flurry of hurry up and get there on time...etc. Nothing special going on there. We have to be there at 6 pm and Lynn often doesnt' get home until after 5, so we really have to hustle. But, once we get there, we have the BEST time! Jacob is playing the tamborine during worship time in the youth group, and he is loving it. He's such a good kid, even if he is mine!

Thursday was not too eventful...things just sort of happened as usual. Nice change!

Friday-busy, busy day! I met Lynn for lunch in the sleet and freezing rain...we ate at the new McCallister's Deli. Lynn painted it, but that was the first time we'd been there since it was opened. It looked really different than it did with nothing in there! We ate Reuben's...they weren't the best I've ever had, but they were ok. After lunch I went to the funeral, then picked up the kids. When we got home, Benjie said "I'm not going in the house until I get to go over to Ms. Cissy's and tell her I'm sorry and I love her". So, of course, we did-Benjie, Jonah and me. I have three great kids!

Friday night I attended my across the street neighbor Lynne's (not to be confused with my husband Lynn!) Jewels by Park Lane show, to watch and learn. There was a lady here from Florida who is a vice-president in the company and she was AWESOME!! I learned so much from her, both Friday night and Saturday, when we had an opportunity and training class. Oh, I just can't wait to start this business!! I'll be having my introductory show tomorrow night and I just can't wait!! The jewelry is absolutely top notch designer items. I expect big things from this business!

I will be sharing more exciting things about this opportunity in days to come!!

I will try to be better about seems like my time is getting more and more limited!!

What's up with all of you?

Later! (notice I don't say "til tomorrow" anymore? Don't want to have any unreasonable expectations! LOL!)



Rose Mary said...

I agree, Cathy, that it is hard to keep up with posting! I've been terrible about it, lately. Sounds like you've been extra busy, too.

Watch out for all that snow possible coming your way! It may get us, too.

Bebe said...

Hi Cathy!

CONGRATS on having your blog featured!! That's great!!!

Just wanted to let you know that you have been TAGGED to tell 7 things about yourself. Come on over to my blog to get all the details!

Smiles...Bebe :)