Sunday, January 6, 2008

We have no normal!

The tv weatherman actually said those words tonight on the 10:00 news. It was 78 degrees today. January 6, 78 degrees. Just doesn't go together, does it?

The teen Sunday school class had a party after church tonight. We stayed and spied on Jacob--uh, I mean, helped out with the food and games! The kids divided into teams-boys and against girls-and played Bible Baseball. Each team ended up having an adult helping them. The girls' helper is a great lady who teaches Sunday School and knows a lot. The boys' helper was the preacher. He knows a lot, too! I think the boys won, but it was close.

Here's a funny. One time when Jacob got up, his question was "Who was Jacob's youngest son?" He didn't know the answer (by the way, we didn't either!), but the answer is-here's the funny part-Benjamin! Isn't that hysterical?? I'm not sure why we didn't know that!

Over at the message boards at, Holiday Magic, we've been challenged by a fellow holiday crazy to choose a word to use as our own this year. The premise is that the word is something that helps you get grounded, pull focus back to what you want to accomplish, give you a goal, whatever. My word is "Heart". I want God to be the center of my heart, my family to know they are in my heart and for my physical heart to be healthy. In the weeks to come, you'll be hearing a lot about "heart". I'll have pictures of some of my hearts ( I have a lot, as it turns out!), some crafty ideas for embellishing word art, and some challenges for you, too. Over at Dinner at the Hamlet we'll have some heart healthy recipes thrown in here and there. What word will you choose for your own in 2008?

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