Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally Friday!

I can't believe it's Friday again, but I'm not complaining!!

I didn't get around to posting yesterday--I actually spent some time working on the house and cleaning. It was BAD!

I do have a lot of plans for our laundry room. I want to take everything off the shelves and paint, then put up coat hooks and a bench for a sort of "mudroom" area. If you've ever met my boys, I don't even have to explain why I need a mudroom. Right now I have a "mud house". They track in, never even considering the fact that their boots are covered with mud, red sand and other unsavory things. I just think if I had a designated area for them to leave their shoes, it would be so much better. I guess we'll see.

I refuse to post "before" pictures of the laundry room, but I'll share "afters" if I ever get an "after" moment!

On other subjects...

Tomorrow is the monthly family breakfast. For those of you not familiar with this, Lynn and I host both sides of our family each month for breakfast. I've posted the menu for tomorrow on Dinner at the Blog. It's been a big success, in my opinion. I really love doing this, and hope we always can. If everyone ever shows up (not really all that likely, due to work and school schedules and kids' activities) we'll have about 30 people here. We average 20 or so. It takes a lot of bacon to feed this bunch!!

I'll be starting a new business in the next week or so. I'm going to be a fashion consultant with Jewels by Park Lane. It's a home based party plan, and I sold for this great company several years least 16, because it was before Jacob was born. In fact, I did a show while having contractions with him! I am very excited about this...the jewelry is wonderful, the prices are good and the opportunities are endless. You'll be hearing more about this!!

The kids are out of school on Monday, to celebrate Martin Luther King Day! Whoo hoo!

Til tomorrow!

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Bebe said...

Hi Cathy!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the laundry room! I can tell that January has you energized and ready to tackle the big projects :) (I'm not quite ready and am easing into the year ~ maybe I'll redo something in, let's say...April :)

I'm sure you'll have great success with the fashion consulting business. You go, girl!!! :)

Bebe :)