Saturday, January 5, 2008


I went to Target today to see what they had left in the Christmas aisles. Not much, as it turns out! However, what they did have was marked 90% off. I picked up a $20 6' tree for $2! Now, I'm sure Lynn would tell you that I don't need another Christmas tree, after all we had 12 in our house this year. But for two bucks? If I just put it on the porch next year, it was worth $2! I also picked up some pretty shiny and matte gold balls for 29 cents, some paper napkins for 29 cents each, and a spool of raffia ribbon for 19 cents. I spent less than $4 and got $40 worth of stuff! Not too bad!

Last week, I went when things were 75% off, and found this fabulous rabbit!! I had been to Target several times doing holiday shopping and thought I'd seen everything they had to offer, but I hadn't seen that rabbit! His tag said he was an "outdoor holiday decoration", but now he's an indoor year round decoration! He is made of resin, but looks like concrete. See for yourself how cute he is!

I should mention that Mr. Bunny was originally $15, and I paid $3.24! I love a bargain!!

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Flea Market Queen said...

I love the the bunny!
I haven't ventured out to after Christmas sales yet, I'm sure I'm missing out!