Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Cindy over at Romantic Home ( has a wonderful summary of her 2007 projects, with pictures and everything. I don't have a good summary of completed projects...I just start them and seem to never finish them. So, as a belated 2008 New Year's Goal (I don't care for the term "resolution"), I've decided to compile a list of things I want to accomplish in the house and yard, then chronicle each one as I complete it, along with pictures. I expect each one of you to hold me accountable, requesting updates and pictures if I get lazy and don't get them posted. OK? OK. Here's the tentative list. It could change, but here's a start!

1. Kitchen project. This is a multi-layered project. I have a TON of things I want to do, but I'll start with the easy stuff that I can do cheaply and on my own. Some things will require help from the man of the house, and will depend on his work schedule and the current cash flow!
A. Re-merchandise the top of the cabinets. I need to take all the current things down and re-do it in a cleaner, more focused way. I want to use black and white fabric up there-I have two patterns of black and white check, will try to pick up some ticking as soon as I can and then have at it. I know how I want it to look in my can I make it look like that on my cabinets? We'll see. I want to have this project completed within a couple of weeks, but it may take longer to find JUST THE RIGHT PIECES!! Here's some "before" pictures of the cabinets.

B. Paint the kitchen table and chairs white and put-gasp-chair cushions on them in a black and white check. Those of you who know me know that I don't like kitchen chair cushions as a rule, but I think it would look so good with the white table and chairs!

C. Paint the "chicken coop" white and get the stupid chicken wire in the doors. We bought the cabinet LAST SPRING at a yard sale for $10 and actually bought the wire at the same time...but it's still in the laundry the corner...all rolled up and waiting for someone to put it in the empty doors of the cabinet...I did get the crystal knobs put on it! Do I get credit for that? OK, ok, I'll get this one done asap! Here's how it looks right now, with the Dept. 56 Snow Village still in it...I usually leave the village up until Valentine's Day, but I believe that after the family breakfast (details on that coming up on Dinner at the Hamlet) on Saturday I'll take it down. I have enjoyed it though, and Braylen gets a real kick out of it!

D. Paint the bar stools and pad the seats with coordinating fabric.

If you're thinking these stools look shabby, you're absolutely correct. I bought them at Fred's for $20 each NINE YEARS AGO with the intention of using them until we could afford nice ones with backs...sigh. Maybe this year????? In the mean time, they'll look better painted and padded.

Ok, that's a lot for now. Tomorrow...we'll address the laundry room project!!


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Cathy,
I love the look of your Kitchen cabinets. I have always wanted cabinets where you can put things on top of them. I do beleive that Black & White Material would look good up there as well. I have a friend, BJ@SweetNothings. She has alot of Black & White in her kitchen as well. She has been in the Hospital, but I think she is suppose to come home today. You may want to check her blog out and see some of her things. I love the Cabinet you have your Dept. 56 Village in. I can't believe you got it for only $10.00. I would say that is almost a steal. LOL. I love the Bar Stools as well and I do believe that some Black & White Checkered material would make great seat pads for them. I'm far from being a decorator, but those are my thoughts. I do hope you can keep these resolutions. LOL. I used to make New Year's Resolutions each year, but I have quit because I can never keep them. I just take one day at a time and do the best I can on that day. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

cathymac said...

Thanks for the kind words, Karen. I also am familiar with BJ and her blog...I've been praying for her during her surgery and recovery. Thanks for visiting!