Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Friday!

Hello, hello and welcome to the show! So glad it's finally Friday, although the week went so fast it seems funny to say "finally". I find time goes faster, and faster, and faster....does that mean I'm getting old?? Surely not!

The Valentine's goodies were a big hit-the little boys were totally amazed that I got them THE EXACT BOOK they were looking at during book fair! I guess they forgot that I was with them!! Jacob is always happy to get money, and I think Lynn is a little relieved that he won't have to eat ham sandwiches at least a couple of days next week!

I went to Bunco last night at my sweet friend Ann's house. It was wonderful, as always. We have been together since about 1991, we think, the best any of us can remember. We've added and subtracted a few folks here and there, but this current group has been together for several years. They are like sisters to's funny that I only see them collectively once a month, but feel free to tell them anything! Talk about unconditional acceptance...we are a tight group! I miss them when I have a conflict and can't attend. So, to Ann, Kathy, Debbie, Mary, Terri, Phyllis and Glenna-I love you, man!

Michael, my brother, bought a houseboat last spring. It's been on a lake in Louisana until last week, when he and our other brother, Mark and three more brave souls went and fetched it home. Michael has big plans for it-he is planning to basically gut it and redo it. I'm sure it will be wonderful when he completes the project. He has started a blog to chronicle his progress on it. Check it out!

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and restful weekend. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow and Sunday, and we have breakfast here tomorrow morning. Sounds like a laid-back weekend to me!


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