Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I had planned to show you some pictures today of my Valentine's decorations-the year round tree dressed up in red heart glory, the cute little wreath on the front door and the mantle. I took the pictures, but for some reason my camera wouldn't come back on so that I could down load them. Oh, well. Maybe I can get it figured out and come back and post it.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I used to hate this holiday until my true love came along. Now I like it ok. It's not my favorite, but it's a good chance to give the boys a little token and a sweet card and for Lynn and I to exchange cards. The boys are getting reading material this year, Lynn a gift card for some lunches! He'll love it. He's been taking his lunch lately and I know he has to be sick of ham sandwiches! He gave me the money to order a piece of Park Lane jewelry, which will serve dual purposes-I get a piece of bling to wear and show, and we get the commission off of it, making it 35% less than it would have been normally! Not a bad deal!

Hope you have a perfectly rosy, pink heart and sparkling kind of day!


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