Friday, February 29, 2008

So Blessed!

I have been so blessed by the Lord this week! My business, which got off to a very slow start, has picked up and taken off! I had a fabulous month in February, and expect March to be equally good or better! I love this stuff!

I am having a big girl birthday lunch on Monday for my BFF Melissa and our other friend Donna. Melissa's birthday is actually Monday, Donna's was last week. It's so fun to get together with them, and I wanted it to be a little more personal than meeting in a resturant. As Rachel Ray says, "anyone can make reservations!" I'm not totally sure what we'll be eating just yet, but I'll post it over on Dinner when I decide. I'm using pink and green as my color scheme.

Can you believe that Easter is only 3 weeks away! How in the world did that happen? I can remember getting a pretty new Easter dress every year, along with gloves, frilly socks and patent leather shoes and purse to match. I was a frou-frou girl, even back then!! I particularly remember a yellow pair of patent leather shoes. They were SO PRETTY!! I loved yellow then and I love it now!! Such a spring color!

I haven't even taken down all of my Valentine's/winter stuff yet, but it's all coming down this weekend, starting today. Then it's bunny time! As I've mentioned before, I've started collecting rabbits-but only certain rabbits!! I like the whimisical, gardeny Frenchy kind. If they look like they are made of concrete, even better! My mom brought me a darling pair of little bunnies the other day. They are very cute, and I'll get a picture of them posted when I post my spring/Easter pictures. I had a jewelry party last night at my friend Corinne's house, and she had the sweetest display on her front porch, with a basket of eggs and a wooden church on an antique table. Very sweet! Then, on her gorgeous antique dining table, she had a precious Peter Rabbit dressed in his tails and topcoat, along with a bowl of blown eggs. Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, Corinne has some fabulous antique furniture in her house, mostly family pieces. And-how cool is this-she has a picture of herself when she was a young girl with COLONAL SANDERS!! The Kentucky Fried Chicken guy-the real guy! Her dad owned the local KFC and she said she met the Colonel several times! I love that!!

Jacob is going on a Destination Unknown trip with the church youth group this weekend. We had planned to go as leaders, but Lynn has to work all weekend. So, it's just the old folks and the munchkins this weekend.

Speaking of the munchkins, Benjie and Jonah are playing baseball this spring! Whoo hoo!!! It'll help fill the void of NO BRAVES' BASEBALL ON TV!! I'm still mad about that. I'll be checking the local listings all the time to try to catch the tribe on other channels since the Atlanta channel no longer will be carrying them. What ARE they thinking???

Donna (the above mentioned birthday girl) is coaching the boys' team. Good luck, sister!! You're going to need it!!


Rose Mary said...

Congrats on the success in your business! I love decorating for Easter, too. I'm so glad that spring is on its way!!! Have fun at the birthday party!

Your Arkie blogging friend,


Anonymous said...

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